Hello Wikians.

I am rather new here, having just created my account the same day of writing this...Saying that, I do feel slightly withdrawn, though, so far I have found myself liking those I have come to interact with; hopefully that continues. As the title suggests, this blog is basically my personal space(Or waste thereof) for ranting about random things related to Warframe...Let us begin.

So, first up; Concepts. Being of a creative and engineering mind, I tend to enjoy creating things, both fictional and real. Saying that, I have found myself becoming addicted to thinking of new things they could do for the game. For one, I honestly think they need a Impact thrown, possibly in the form of throwing hammers, or slingshot styled weapon. Also...I want to see throwing spears or javelins...Imagine impaling a line of enemies on a giant stick...If you put good animations and PhysX interactions into the design, it would be so satisfying to see. Next, they really need more puncture melee. That is quite easily resolved in many ways; once again, spears become viable, if not something like a Horseman's Pick. Either way, even though I love my Fang Prime, I feel I need more use out of my Melee Puncture mods. Also, though this one might be a bit more "Out there", I want a weapon that shoots magnetic projectiles, capable of being drawn to a single point after firing, maybe through a single projectile creating an electro-magnetic field of the opposite polarity with a high enough intensity. So in short, hit a lot of enemies with the uncharged rounds, and then hit the one in the middle with the charged round and make em' all kiss. You could use a bosses minions as projectiles to kill them. O.O The irony in that...By the way, has anyone ever wondered why Blueprints aren't reusable? I mean, if I were an engineer, and I lost the blueprint to something I just made after crafting it, I would be pretty damn pissed....WHO DOES THAT?!

I will probably pick this up again during the weekend. Until then, I will see everyone around. If you wish to message me, feel free. Also, I would love to see some ideas from others, if not criticism or ideas for my own. And I just ask that all negative behaviors stay off the comments. Everyone has their opinion, but that shouldn't include trolling, flaming, bashing or any of that shit. Also...Zephyr is your frieeeend. :3

-IGN: Raenin

-Dirinisinillianaal Elvarasi Kun'Re Dae'Ka Raenin 

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