For starters, this is my first blog since lurking for a long time. I've played Warframe for quite awhile, a bit unsure of the exact start time, and own every frame except nyx prime and have all non-kubrow/non-archwing content.

I've seen a lot of posts regarding Volt and his abilities. His lack of scaling on the ultimate, unreliability of stun on his Shock on the first target, and some general comments on his 2 and 3. I wanted to tackle these (and indirectly a few other frames) one at a time.

For starters, I wanted to mention volt is one of the few frames that truely feels like his entire kit is cohesive and has abilities that feel smooth. His 1, 2, and 3 have neglitgable cast times, he has both defensive (1 & 3), utility (2), and area of effect damage & CC (1 & 4). His base damages are on the low side, but his 3 has substantial scaling and high functionality with beam weaponry. His 4 has high risk low reward usability with its self stun and requirement of electronics, at least in comparison with most other frames.

Now, an obvious choice people have is to move him more to CC! Make his shock 100% proc chance on all targets hit, give proc chances increases when shooting through a shield, and increase the damage of Overload signifigantly are a few I've seen. I personally however disagree with these choices. The first seems to powerful for a low energy no cast time ability, the second could get out of hand with the likes of amprex, and the last wouldn't solve anything.

To the first, instead of providing 100% proc chance to his Shock, rather let is be augmented by his Electric Shield. Then, in addition to that allow it to gain 100% proc chance if fired through an electric shield, increasing its damage and its usability. There is another suggestion I have to synergize with Overload, but I'll save that for when I get to Overload.

Second, his Speed. Speed is a pretty good ability, it gets its job done, its highly functional, and a dream come true in speed running captures. There is room for synergy in this ability but largly I'd find it fluff or unneeded, but cool if possible. One functionality is for it to add a slight proc chance to weapon fire based on intensity. Or another would be to allow allies standing near one another with speed on to perodically shock enemies between them: like lightning rods if you will... and speaking of those, well theres another idea at Overload.

Electric Shield. This ability alone is why I love volt, its high damage synergy with guns & its sheer quick 'Save me from a hail of bullets' use is stupendous. Although I personally don't feel it 'needs' a buff, it could certainly be a little easier to see through. I feel I need to keep my energy color dark simply to keep seeing through it. There is also lots of room for synergy to his other abilities, such as the aformentioned Shock Changes.

Now for the doozy, overload. It is in my honest and frank opinion that this ability needs to be completely removed. Not buffed, not nerfed, but removed. In its current form it will always be in a perpetual cycle of uselessness or an overpowered, overloaded (heh) nuke. I do have an idea for a good change that'd allow him strength, usability, and a good scaling with nearly every attribute while remaining thematically pleasing and still utilizing electronics.

Overload: Volt overloads a target with electrical energy for X Seconds. When Overloaded the target is stunned and perodically fires electricity at nearby enemies, this electricty charges the hit enemy for X seconds and the same enemy can be charged multiple times. Overload can also electrify nearby electronics and will target them before other enemies, an overloaded electronic will then chain to X enemies (affected by power strength) to charge them all at once. Upon Overload's duration ending, or the Overload target dieing, Overload will detonate in an electrical blast. This blast will deal X damage to nearby enemies and fire electrical arcs to charged targets regardless of range. These electrical arcs will cause their own smaller blasts for X damage at the charged enemies, leading to a devastating chain reaction. 

There are a few synergy attempts with his other abilities here, for example: "Shocking an overloaded target will charge nearby enemies hit with the chaning from Shock" or "Shock can premptively detonate charged enemies" or "Overload can electrify nearby electric shields or speeded players, increasing the shields size or adding additional electrical damage to player's attacks."

Possibly to prevent spamming and truely make it feel powerful, it could be an ability that drains energy as the enemy is stunned, and can be cancelled early to trigger the reaction sooner (Or left going for a long time if you have the duration to make the bomb bigger / utilize it to charge shields and players).

Its a bit late, so i wont be able to reply much till tomorrow. But any thoughts, comments or otherwise would be appreciated.

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