• DovahMatt

    Just joined the Wiki!

    March 8, 2016 by DovahMatt

    Hey everyone! If you're seeing this, then you've probably found one of my posts here on this wiki.

    I've been playing Warframe since October 2014 and am an avid player of the game.

    My favorite frames are Valkyr, Rhino Prime, Frost Prime, and Wukong.

    My favorite Primaries are the Tigris, Strun Wraith, Paris Prime, and Hek

    My favorite Secondaries are the Lex Prime, Staticor, and Akbronco Prime

    My favorite Melees are the Broken War, Cerata, Jat Kittag, and Karyst.

    My Warframe name is the same as my name here, so if you see me in a mission, then feel free to send me a friend request!

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