• Dreamnomad

    Warframe Specific Weapons

    February 18, 2014 by Dreamnomad

    So there I was this morning sipping some coffee and reflecting on last night where I was once again slayed like a common pig by The Stalker. I guess me farming for Orokin Cells was too much for him, anyways I came across this thought. What if we had a weapon(s) for each Warframe?

    When you think about it Stalker has a complete set of bada$$ weapons. But Im thinking it would be really cool if each warframe had a particular melee weapon or side/ primary that had a theme or style to it. (Im sure we've all played Soul Calibur)

    Or maybe even a step further, what if that weapon had perks to it. Such as Frost having an Ice sidearm that does double proc-damage (for x amount of time), after using his freeze ability. 

    Saryn could have a blade that's tru…

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  • Dreamnomad

    Well U11 is here which means so is Valkyr.

    This is a progressive blog to get some opinions on her. I've only played with her a bit but i've noticed that while shes quite agile on her feet (almost as fast as Loki). Shes the first warframe to have actual drawbacks/ repercussions from using several of her abilites.

    You will take a permanent decrease in half your shields from using Paralysis (resets if you are revived). Also her Ult, Hysteria will infilict a certain percentage of damage (taken during the attack duration) back to your health if you failed to kill all enemies in the surrounding area. This is damage you recieved during the use of the move. Note that you are invulnerable during Hysteria either way.


    Shields:50 Armor:200 Health:100 P…

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  • Dreamnomad

    Hey whats with this influx on ignis users now?

    I normally wouldn't care but can a dude get 10 enemies to himself before some blowtorch happy Tenno comes, and instant kills every living being on site? This has been happening alot lately (to me at least). I know what your thinking: "It makes the run easier" or "Your just jealous because you dont have one". and while both of the statements are probably true, I shouldnt have to "run away" to the other end of the map in Survival just to get some Grineer to myself. 

    Dont get me wrong, I love seeing it in action on defense missions but I think it should be used with a bit more moderation elsewhere.

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  • Dreamnomad

    Hey guys, 

    Im sure most of of have been on Void runs by now but personally I've never attempted past T2. Well, once I did a solo T3 capture with Loki; But as far as the other T3 Mission types for Void runs I've never really tried it.

    But now that I have nothing but T3 keys left, its time I see if I can do it. But heres my Question:

    Who the best Warframe for Solo runs in the Void? My favorite frame is Loki (working on 3rd Star) and although I think I could win a T3 Exterminate, I dont think he'd be the go to for Defense or Survival on T3. So I'd like to find out who my fellow Tenno use, and possibly the best weapons/ mods for T3 Voids. Also what lvls I can expect to find there especially on survival after 10-15 min.


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  • Dreamnomad

    I've been on WF for a few months now and never thought to ask who the top 4 are. This doesnt have to mean that these four would be great separately; but also which four balance well with each other and cover for weaknesses one Warframe has over another. Typically I'd say you have: Support, Offense, Defense, and Specialty Classes. When I say Specialty I mean frames that are hard to classify or can fill multiple roles. Infiltrator and Sniper are possible classes I'd like to bring up as well. Feel free to add any

    Maybe something like: Vauban, Saryn, Banshee and Rhino

    Who would you choose?

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