Well U11 is here which means so is Valkyr.

This is a progressive blog to get some opinions on her. I've only played with her a bit but i've noticed that while shes quite agile on her feet (almost as fast as Loki). Shes the first warframe to have actual drawbacks/ repercussions from using several of her abilites.

You will take a permanent decrease in half your shields from using Paralysis (resets if you are revived). Also her Ult, Hysteria will infilict a certain percentage of damage (taken during the attack duration) back to your health if you failed to kill all enemies in the surrounding area. This is damage you recieved during the use of the move. Note that you are invulnerable during Hysteria either way.


Shields:50 Armor:200 Health:100 Power:100 Stamina:150 Sprint Speed: Guessing 1.20 

Warframe Profile - Valkyr01:59

Warframe Profile - Valkyr

 So Valkyr has the highest base Armor, but the lowest shields. Here's the move list, I'll leave the video for the official description:
  1. Ripline- used to attack single target or as a movement utility. Or on Teammates (needs confirm)
  2. Warcry- Slows enemies and increases Armor and Melee swing speed for team.
  3. Paralysis- takes half your shields and uses that amount as a damage buff. This also stun enemies.
  4. Hysteria- Invulnerable Melee attacks on surrounding enemies; You will recieve damage to your health if you did not kill all enemies in radius and if you took damage during the duration of the attack.

So what do you think? As more information piles in please comment, also we need confirmation on the parameters of her abilites. Especially Paralysis, and Hysteria.

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