So there I was this morning sipping some coffee and reflecting on last night where I was once again slayed like a common pig by The Stalker. I guess me farming for Orokin Cells was too much for him, anyways I came across this thought. What if we had a weapon(s) for each Warframe?

When you think about it Stalker has a complete set of bada$$ weapons. But Im thinking it would be really cool if each warframe had a particular melee weapon or side/ primary that had a theme or style to it. (Im sure we've all played Soul Calibur)

Or maybe even a step further, what if that weapon had perks to it. Such as Frost having an Ice sidearm that does double proc-damage (for x amount of time), after using his freeze ability. 

Saryn could have a blade that's truly made for her contagion ability. Ash could have his own Kunai's, and Loki could have a Sniper Rifle that deals red critical damage to unaware targets. 

The idea is that it each frame has a weapon that best suits the frame, and that the perks would encourage people to actually use the weapons with better synergy between abilities. Right now the weapon/ ability balance is off with people clearing rooms with [4] all the time. This idea could help prevent that; also I think the weapons (not the perks) should be interchangable between all frames.

So got any weapon/ perk ideas or other comments? What do you think?

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