Hey guys, 

Im sure most of of have been on Void runs by now but personally I've never attempted past T2. Well, once I did a solo T3 capture with Loki; But as far as the other T3 Mission types for Void runs I've never really tried it.

But now that I have nothing but T3 keys left, its time I see if I can do it. But heres my Question:

Who the best Warframe for Solo runs in the Void? My favorite frame is Loki (working on 3rd Star) and although I think I could win a T3 Exterminate, I dont think he'd be the go to for Defense or Survival on T3. So I'd like to find out who my fellow Tenno use, and possibly the best weapons/ mods for T3 Voids. Also what lvls I can expect to find there especially on survival after 10-15 min.


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