Orokin Caches, why Orokin Sabotage is so famous for.

If you don't know Orokin caches are containers that are identical to orokin containers but are white in color, they have a humm to make the cache easily identifiable in a room, Orokin Caches are found on Orokin Sabotage missions on any tier, each orokin cache reward stuff from the drop table of the sabotage mission so it is advisable to get all caches on sabotage missions since the third cache has the highest chance to drop a prime part/bp/whatever prime thing. this will boost the chance of you getting whatever you need on the sabotage mission

First of all I'd like you to know a classification I made myself to the many different type of rooms on Orokin tower

  • ===Corridors/Transport Rooms===

This type of room allows players and any entities to go to different types of other rooms, mostly you spawn on this type of room, these rooms are mainly for transport so they have a lower chance of an Orokin Cache spawning however this type of room mostly has a secret area that has a fairly high chance of an Orokin Cache spawning

  • ===Dead ends/Special Rooms===

these rooms have a higher chance of an Orokin Cache spawning, this type of room mostly has many Storage containers, It is also possible for one of these rooms to have a Secret area

  • ===Mini-Rooms===

these rooms have almost 0% Chance of an Orokin Cache spawning, these do not contain secret areas. these include: Elevators, (Enemy) Spawning Rooms, etc.


Spawnpoint 1

(The spawnpoints of orokin caches are not officially numbered, this is only a number on the list of many spawnpoints)

This spawnpoint is found on the tile with the Bridge and the small canal, this is found on one of the "tunnels" on one of the sides depending on where you enter the canal as one of the "tunnels" lead to a door


                       Bridge Canal room (the names were made by me and not an official name for the room)

                     -an example of a Transport room connecting 3 or less rooms

Spawnpoint 2

  This spawnpoint is found on a tile with the big dark room with some ice on a side,

it is a Transport room connecting 3 or less rooms together



                                                                            (no name)

           -a transport room that connects 3 or less rooms with the signature ice at one side of the room... (the yellow arrow on the picture is pointing to the door on which the spawnpoint is found)

Spawnpoint 3


This spawnpoint is found on a tile with the water pool with a death orb on the middle, this is a dead end room or a special room


                                                                         Water Pool

                      -A Deadend/Special room, a fairly sized room with a deathorb on the middle and a pressure plate activating lasers at the "pool" below the Spawnpoint is on the left-side of the room (unconfirmed if Cache may spawn on other places of the room)




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