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    Too much "tech" in the title ... And be ready for a bunch of text ...

    Whatever, I have wanted to do something about the Warframes and how they could be powered. But I think I'd rather clean up with the Technocyte Virus and maybe a little bit nanotechnology in general, coz I think that the Technocyte, as part of the "Origin Story" of Warframe needs a little bit more understanding.

    Alright, this should be common knowledge, but do you know what a (biological) virus really is? It's a mere strain of DNA, covered in proteines and lipides (just for protection). It Has no own ability to move, but it is often carried by fluids or gases. And when the virus comes to a living cell, it invades this cell and uses its DNA-strain to overtake the functions o…

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    Blogging & WF-Tech

    December 7, 2014 by Dwarfenforcer

    I've been following blogs on this wikia a long time yet, and I came to the conclosiun, that I also want to write one. Probably just for sharing thoughts with the internet.

    Also I've been playing Warfarm (honestly, most time you farm stuff!), I mean, Warframe since U6. Good Old Times, I tell you, when men used to be men, OP-weapons unavailable and skill necessary, coz there was no Boltor Prime!

    But, things changed and we actually got a pretty nice game. We got fan fiction, lots of nice pictures and one of the biggest game wikias.

    For my part, I want to review the tech shown and used in Warframe. Coz I've always been a nerd.

    To start, those awesome suits. I'm pretty sure, if I'd like to make something comparable, I wouldn't use the 60s idea of "wa…

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