I've been following blogs on this wikia a long time yet, and I came to the conclosiun, that I also want to write one. Probably just for sharing thoughts with the internet.

Also I've been playing Warfarm (honestly, most time you farm stuff!), I mean, Warframe since U6. Good Old Times, I tell you, when men used to be men, OP-weapons unavailable and skill necessary, coz there was no Boltor Prime!

But, things changed and we actually got a pretty nice game. We got fan fiction, lots of nice pictures and one of the biggest game wikias.

For my part, I want to review the tech shown and used in Warframe. Coz I've always been a nerd.

To start, those awesome suits. I'm pretty sure, if I'd like to make something comparable, I wouldn't use the 60s idea of "warframes" and build an exoskeleton with steel 'n' stuff, I would biologically construct something. Most likely, a multi-composed symbiont for the wearer, or biologically speaking the host. Something with own muscles that I can connect to the neural system of the host, to enhance his or her strength. Of course, muscles need power. Something like blood to transport energy in form of nutrients (like in a normal body) would be useful. If this blood-like agent now also has stem cell-like abilities, the whole system would be self healing. Fast. Lets give it a skin. A dense one, like armor. Which is supported by our blood-like agent. And you get an armored, super-strong, self-healing suit. Sounds like science fiction. Well, it actually is. But WF is a Sci-Fi-Game, so this is legal.

If you want to I could "tinker" more mad tech-ideas. I could even integrate them into fan fiction!

Gimme a review what you think. And dont complain about my language, I'm not used to self-expression.

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