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  • Echoshade123

    Please note that the title is supposed to be "Cephalon Capture PvP - the Good, the Bad and the Ugly." I will also add more pictures tomorrow to spice up the dreary wall of text you're faced with right now.

    For those of you who have been living under a rock, Cephalon Capture PvP is a new Player-versus-player gamemode that was introduced in Update 16. Accessing the gamemode is simple; go to the little terminal behind the marketplace near your navigator.

    The game itself is pretty simple. For those of you who haved played other mainstream PvP games, Cephalon Capture is essentially Capture the Flag, with the Flag being a Cephalon.

    The gamemode itself right now is pretty broken, so I'll be touching on a few of the major ones, but the majority of cr…

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  • Echoshade123

    After a good amount of time playing with very experienced Conclavers, we decided to create a callout system based on a very rudimentary one already in place (Sun Spawn, Moon Spawn, Tower, Twin Towers, Mid). We've been using this system for some time now, and is even used throughout my clan. Recently, to assist in clarity, I created a stitched-together map of the various callouts including a second map that covers the top areas if needed. I've decided to make this public, mostly because I think they're harmless.

    Note: "Twin Towers" is labeled as such solely because of the single "Tower" directly opposite from them. It's not intended to cause any offense.

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  • Echoshade123

    While Sniping has never been the main focus of Warframe, it definitely has begun to create it's own crowd of happy individuals with the ability and knowledge to use Sniper Rifles. This page or blog, whatever you want to call it, is here for both experienced and inexperienced snipers looking for some tips. This won't cover builds nor types of snipers, however it will mention helpful mods.

    I'm actively adding more, so don't expect what I've got so far to be the final product in any way. If you're interested in adding another tip, go ahead and tell me in the comment section and I'll be sure to check it as soon as I can. All the tips with bold as the first word are submitted by other users, and anything in italics and underlined that is not in …

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  • Echoshade123

    Is Conclave Broken?

    November 8, 2013 by Echoshade123

    I love playing Conclave, mainly due to my competitive nature, but it's very hard to consistently play it when there are so many bugs that run rampant around the game. Things like downing or dying on spawn, glitching into the "box" and spawning in the center of the arena in the middle of a match you just joined are some of the most notorious and downright annoying bugs. In addition, we all know the anger when someone joins the game with an Acrid, Ignis, Vectis or Strun Wraith and immediately spawn kills you across map. My question is: Could Conclave be broken? 

    Tell me in the comments if you think Conclave is broken or not.

    I've compiled a list of the things I think need to be fixed in Conclave. Feel free to comment yours, and I'll add it to …

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