Please note that the title is supposed to be "Cephalon Capture PvP - the Good, the Bad and the Ugly." I will also add more pictures tomorrow to spice up the dreary wall of text you're faced with right now.

For those of you who have been living under a rock, Cephalon Capture PvP is a new Player-versus-player gamemode that was introduced in Update 16. Accessing the gamemode is simple; go to the little terminal behind the marketplace near your navigator.
Cephalon Capture Terminal Cropped


The game itself is pretty simple. For those of you who haved played other mainstream PvP games, Cephalon Capture is essentially Capture the Flag, with the Flag being a Cephalon.

The gamemode itself right now is pretty broken, so I'll be touching on a few of the major ones, but the majority of criticism will be towards maps and gameplay.

The Good

First off, Cephalon Capture is a very fun and exciting game. It's definitely high speed gameplay that requires reaction time and a certain level of skill.

Its (three) maps never repeat themselves and for the most part, are relatively balanced in that no side has a significant advantage over the other. Energy is plentiful and Health, for the most part, is available. Ammo supply depends on the map and can often influence amount of deaths.

Most weapons in PvE are removed in an effort to prevent balancing issues. Despite this, there are still a fair amount of possible combinations to gear your playstyle towards. Some of the ones I've seen include what I will generally call:

  • "Carrier": fast warframe and melee spin-attack + a high damage slow reload weapon (primarily rushes and holds Cephalon)
  • "Tank" - Rhino + a weapon of choice and heavy Iron Skin spamming (holds down the fort)
  • "Gunslinger" - high armor but low speed warframe + a strong weapon of choice (mostly controls upper and middle ground)
  • "Energywhore" - high damage warframe + fast melee weapon (almost always likes to follow/slashdash the enemy Carrier)

Each has their own perks and are equally poweful to an extent. Obviously, there are hybrid classes(I run a Carrier/Energywhore hybrid myself), however, the ones I've listed are what I percieve to be the most common and basic four.

Syndicate standing is pretty fun. I've never been a huge participant in the Syndicates, but this got me very interested. Many of the featured mods are ones that are beneficial to the actual gamemode, and while I haven't unlocked too many, I assume most if not all are allowed. 

The Bad

I would like to formally request the inclusion of Zephyr. While there's plenty of chance for abuse, no Warframe right now(Excal's jump ability doesn't really count) has the ability to actively control and influence the high ground. Here's what I propose happen:

  • Tailwind - zero damage, focusing solely on the movement or height advantage.
  • Dive bomb - knockdown, no damage
  • Turbulance - lowers the amount of bullets that hit you. Not significantly, but just enough to get you out of a bind. Still better than Iron Skin.
  • Tornado - small damage, mostly just picking up and randomly ejecting anyone who's stupid enough to run into it.

Ammo is found in pairs in 2-6 locations in each map. Unfortunately, these boxes do little to actually fill your ammo store. For people who run Gunslinger or Carrier classes, these ammo boxes simply do not cut it. After a particularly long game, someone who's managed to live through most the round will find themselves ammo-less with a Cephalon under an arm with nothing but Parkour and Spin-Attacks to get them out of a bind. Fix: Just add more ammo to each box. Please. This is particularly frustrating whe the enemy team is stealing energy for their godd*mn Iron Skins. Which leads me to another point.

Iron Skins in Cephalon Capture are hilariously broken. There are two generally accepted ways to solve this problem: Overload and Radial Javelin, and neither is a guaranteed saviour. Iron Skin players will typically equip Dual Zorens or Fang Primes and proceed to dice the living shitake mushrooms out of you. Fix: Nerf Iron Skin's strength.

For those of us caught in the crossfire, there are several weapons that can make your life a living hell:

  • Kogake - Knockdown is back in a new and terrible way. Get ready to be rendered defenseless and you get pounded relentlessly. Fix: Simply remove knockdown.
  • Paris Prime - The One-shot wonders of the Gunslingers(or Carriers), capable of pinning you to the ground from miles away. I respect the people capable of using these in close combat, but when someone snipes you at spawn from across the map, you know it's time to nerf these. Fix: Make a damage fall-off after a certain range.
  • Slash-Dash/Shock - Capable of killing most in just one hit. Very cheap and incredibly spammable. Slash-Dash is admittedly difficult to use on maps with cliffs, but Shock has no such limitations. Fix: Let players use armor mods when creating their loadout.
  • Overload/Radial Javelin -  The One-shot wonders of the Energywhores. Incredibly conducive to spawnkilling, especially with Overload. People can spawn, turn a corner and immediately die. Fun. Fix: Reduce the damage these guys deal.

What's unfortunate is that most players have to use these weapons in order to stay competitive. This means barely touching other potentially excellent warframes and weapons.

The Ugly

There is one incredibly major flaw that plagues two of the three maps in Cephalon Capture, and that is the instant death zones. These two maps have cliff edges that spell immediate death to anyone who falls in them. There is no way to get back up once you've reached the point of no return. This can happen to anyone, no matter what weapons and classes you use. I assert that 10% of all deaths on these maps are the fault of falling off an edge.

It is simply too easy to steal and hide a Cephalon. Carriers have the easiest jobs in the world. Run in at top speed; run out at top speed. Anyone else simply doesn't have the accuracy to keep up. The easiest way to fix it is simply nerfing a player's running speed the moment they pick up the Cephalon. I'm talking slower than a Rhino with Molecular Prime in a Snow Globe and no stamina. It will add an irreplacable team aspect to the game that extends to more than just "kill the other guy with the Cephalon so I can cap this one already." Let's face it, Cephalon is all about who has the fastest Carrier and the best ability spammer. Cephalon defense is a joke to all but the most experienced or overpowered players. Please fix. For the love of god, please fix.

My biggest problem with Cephalon Capture is the exclusion of the Sniper Rifle. Those who know me understand that for me to live without my Vectis is to live without any sort of happiness. I've even created a full montage just showcasing the Vectis in the old Conclave. While it may seem hypocritical, I believe the Vectis is especially suited to this new version of Conclave. Instead of making it a one-shot kill, make it a two shot with one-shot headshots(and maybe chest). This would make it fun for both the shooter to challenge their accuracy and other players to play more aggressively(as opposed to sitting in spawn). Removing EagleEye as an option would make it hard for anyone to land a cross-map cheap shot and cause them to play more spontanously and aggressively. Currently, every single weapon type is included other than Sniper Rifles, including assault and marksman rifles, bows, smgs, burst pistol and standard pistols. 

One Final Plea

I loved the old Conclave. I really did. Most days, it was the only reason I played Warframe. We had tournaments, 1v1s and hours upon hours of refining techniques and abilities that gave us the slightest edge over our friends' newest trick. If anything, I solemnly beg that the old conclave be reinstated as an alternate gamemode. Same maps, same limitations, same everything, but in another menu - out of sight and out of mind. I could care less if I don't gain stats, reputation or syndicate standing from it. If there's anything that I could ask for more, it would be this.

I'll be updating this to include more as people comment or I have more to add.

(Note: after some consideration, I've stripped the post of most swear words, however if the mods deem it fit, I can add them back. I feel like removing them has lost the post some of its passion.)

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