I love playing Conclave, mainly due to my competitive nature, but it's very hard to consistently play it when there are so many bugs that run rampant around the game. Things like downing or dying on spawn, glitching into the "box" and spawning in the center of the arena in the middle of a match you just joined are some of the most notorious and downright annoying bugs. In addition, we all know the anger when someone joins the game with an Acrid, Ignis, Vectis or Strun Wraith and immediately spawn kills you across map. My question is: Could Conclave be broken? 

Tell me in the comments if you think Conclave is broken or not.

I've compiled a list of the things I think need to be fixed in Conclave. Feel free to comment yours, and I'll add it to the list. NOTE: This is my first post in the Warframe Wiki, so if I formatted something wrong, or some other technical aspect pertaining to that, feel free to notify me!

  • The infamous "Box"
  • Broken Kill-to-Death ratios reflecting on profiles and in-game Courtesy of Voqalin
  • Spawning in the middle of a recently joined match and being unable to move
  • Getting cross-map sniped off spawn (just move some boxes around!)
  • In the 500-1000 conclave, the upper beams
  • Dying or downing right after spawn (may have been fixed)
  • Strun Wraith's incredible range
  • Ignis' damage output
  • Soma's damage output Courtesy of a A Wikia Contributor
  • Afuris "rainbow builds"
  • Brakk's damage output and range
  • Acrid's insane DOT damage
  • Vectis' damage output
  • Twin Viper's multi-shot capabilities
  • Snipetron Vandal's damage output
  • Reaper Prime's insane AOE groundpound
  • Galantine's Charge Coil + Killing Blow
  • Ash's "Bladestorm"
  • Mag's "Bullet Attractor"
  • Rhino's "Rhino Skin" and "Rhino Stomp"
  • Frost's "Snow Globe"
  • Nova's "Molecular Prime"
  • Vauban's "Tesla" Courtesy of Colorswirl
  • Players with far too much health and shields (maybe a 1000 shield and 800 health cap?)
  • Sentinels with Sanctuary or Self Destruct

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