While Sniping has never been the main focus of Warframe, it definitely has begun to create it's own crowd of happy individuals with the ability and knowledge to use Sniper Rifles. This page or blog, whatever you want to call it, is here for both experienced and inexperienced snipers looking for some tips. This won't cover builds nor types of snipers, however it will mention helpful mods.

I'm actively adding more, so don't expect what I've got so far to be the final product in any way. If you're interested in adding another tip, go ahead and tell me in the comment section and I'll be sure to check it as soon as I can. All the tips with bold as the first word are submitted by other users, and anything in italics and underlined that is not in parentheses are my additions to it.

Now let's get started, shall we? :3

The three factions of the game (Corpus, Grineer and Infested) all have different body shapes, crit spots and ways of approaching you when alerted. Because of this, I will make lists of overarching tactics as well as specific tactics that apply best to a certain type.


  • Crouch after taking a shot (this provides a smaller hitbox and lets you relax your trigger-happy fingers for a minute)
  • Jumpshot like a pro (it takes practice, but it is an incredibly valuable skill to learn as long as you make sure not to roll when you hit the ground)
  • The legs aren't cursed (don't be afraid to take a shot at the legs, it still counts)
  • Turn off Call of Duty (just because you have a sniper doesn't mean you have to go MLG Pro -- ya dun have ta quickscope)
  • Lead the target (firing a couple paces ahead of someone is always something you want to do with a moving target)
  • Always have an escape plan (reloading isn't an excuse to be a sponge for damage)
  • Strafe like you mean it (just because it's PvE...I mean please, it's not that hard)
  • Use penetration mods (shooting multiple people gets more kills per bullet)
  • Don't be afraid to switch weapons (you're a sniper, but not at the cost of dying for it)
  • Bring a fast melee (this one applies depending on your playstyle, but being able to escape danger whilst is something valuable to have...hint: Beserker)
  • There are two ways to play (Aggressively coordinate your team to target tanks while you score the most kills possible or supportively target valuable enemies with your high damage) 'submitted by daredevinho'
  • Bring a sentinel I recommend Carrier for drops (Shade can cloak you, Dethcube can kill it for you, whatever, just bring one) - 'submitted by Anonymous2'
  • Pre-aim your shots while you're reloading (great for people who like the unzoomed reticule) 'submitted by A117FrozenPhoenix'
  • Optimize your sniper (don't do overkill damage when you don't need it and use your slots for utility) 'submitted by Anonymous4'
  • Use your Codex Scanner (lets you see through walls for more awareness) 'submitted by Anonymous5'
  • Don't zoom in the Codex Scanner (you can see a wider view) 'submitted by Xtrawave'
  • Heavy Calibur is a must-have or a bane (depending on the Sniper, it can make a difference) 'submitted by Anonymous6'
  • Reducing the enemy armor or shields is better than amplyfing your damage (your whole team will benefit from it) 'submitted by daredevinho'
  • Take the second shot (there's always a chance you'll miss) 'submitted by Anonymous8'
  • Prioritize enemies (helps conserve ammo and minimize damage) 'submitted by hitman'
  • Run in a circle and pick off the ones closest to you (will vary depending on your gun and warframe) 'submitted by hitman'
  • Bring Enemy Sense (saves you from enemies at your front door) 'submitted by hitman'
  • Use Critical Delay (increases accuracy at the cost of fire rate) 'submitted by Anonymous12'
  • Aim and shoot (allows you to deal damage) 'submitted by Anonymous14'
  • Firerate doesn't help (especially on the Vectis'submitted by Deservate'
  • Primed/Charged Chamber is essential (if you can get your hands on one'submitted by Deservate'
  • Stay in the background when in large rooms (for example in a Corpus Outpost or Phobos) 'submitted by Deservate'


  • Aim for the head (it seems obvious but those tiny little heads are a sure critical hit)
  • Absolutely SHRED the Shield Lancers (a good puncture mod will take out those pesky shields AND the often two guys behind it)
  • Shoot the rockets (once the heavies start rolling in, there's nothing better than shooting a rocket in midair)
  • Bring corrosive weapons (eats away at their armor) 'submitted by Anonymous6'


  • Avoid Shield Ospreys (depending on your damage and rank, your sniper can probably take out Corpus without making the extra effort to deal with the Ospreys)
  • Aim for the midsection on Corpus Crewmen (gets you better crits
  • Aim for the Moa fannypacks (gets you better crits) 'submitted by Anonymous13 and Anonymous10'


  • Crouch ALL the times! (by crouching, you're able to score far more multi-kills with the infested)
  • Give the Ancients some space (it's annoying to get knocked down, but more annoying when you're about to snipe something)
  • Infested Impendance Aura (helps you kill those pesky Runners) 'submitted by daredevinho'
  • Shoot Ancients in the head (everything else can be hit anywhere) 'submitted by Anonymous6'
  • Use gas (kills them more effectively) 'submitted by Anonymous6'

Warframe Advantages

  • This will be filled in with Anonymous7's information.
  • Use Volt I think any frame is fine, just make sure to have a fast melee (Volt's speed is his greatest asset and overload isn't bad anyways) 'submitted by Anonymous2'
  • Use Trinity I don't think you're necessarily confined to a support role, I often clear areas before my teammates reach me(as long as you're confined to a support role, you might as well toss a heal or two) 'submitted by Anonymous11'

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