When Update 13 came out, there was the usual hype about getting the new warframe, looking forward to the new boss etc. Of corse there was the added complication of biulding the triangulator to get to Vay Hek, which required you to go to the new shipyard tileset on Ceres and defeate the new enemy type, the Prosecuters. The Prosecuters seemed to spawn more oftern in survival mission and as a result  they became a popular farming area for those after Vay Hek and Hydroid. But then, just 20 days after the update, a Corpus invasion comes along and takes one of the best farming spots for the beacons available in the game. This could only have been done with help from a large group of players supporting the Corpus, so ask;


Has everyone got all of Hydroid already, and just supports the Corpus just for the sake of being anti-Grineer? As I recall there was no difference in battle pay so there was no reason for it to be a Grineer victory. And what about other people who want Hydroid? Yes currently there is still one survival node on Ceres that is still Grineer, but if it keep going like this, both will soon be under Corpus control and there will be no way to get Hydroid.

All I ask is that someone explains what the logic behind this is because to me it just doesn't make sense. Are People just not thinking, or was there another reason why?

EDIT:  Just to say I do know there is another Survival on Ceres, but if people keep supporting the Corpus then soon there won't be.

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