It has come to my attention that Loki is not a very popular warframe. Me, being a longtime Loki user am disheartened by this. Even though he is one of the starting warframes I still believe that if you use him correctly he can surpass the abilities of many "tier 3" frames. 

He is the fastest frame by far, ash is the only one who can compete with him in sprint speed and agility. His abilities, when used correctly, can be the agents of chaos and confusion which is only fitting seeing that Loki is named after the Norse god of those things. 

And obviously, he is the most fun frame. Can you switch teleport using any other frame? I think not. Nothing makes your friends more mad than putting them in the middle of level 80 corrupted heavy gunners while you laugh hysterically from a safe distance. Only mags "pull" can do something like that and who wants to have a dome face when you can have two pairs of feet, one of which is on your head.

He is the true master of disaster in his final form. Unless we get a Loki Prime and then I will be content, or as content as one can be playing a video game. 

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