What if DE introduces Warframe Transmuting?

Warframe Transmutation Rules:

a. Transmuting warframes can only be done to two(2) rank 30 frames (with or without potato)

b. The resulting frame shall retain 4 random skills of the two original warframes

c. The resulting frame can be male or female (randomly)

d. The transmutation destroys the two original frames and can no longer be used.

e. Warframe transmutation can only be done if a player has the "very rare" Metanerfosis* key drop (*see explanation below)

f. Warframe transmutation cannot be undone.

g. Warframe transmutation cannot be applied to Primed frames.

h. The transmuting process can only be done in a secret location/room in the Orokin Void or Orokin Derelict provided  that the player has the Metanerfosis key equipped.

waiting for more ideas/rules guys...please leave them as replies

  • Metanerfosis key

Description: The Metanerfosis key is a key used to transmute two leveled warframes with a chance on retaining 4 randomly selected Warframe skill of the two original frames. 

Rarity: Rare (dropped only once in a player's profile)

Dropped by: Any Faction

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