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  • Elvis276

    Alright, so, I'm going to try and summarize all the things that I feel about the recent hotfix that did some major negative impacts on the Rathuum's Executioners.

    READ EVERYTHING IF YOU'RE UP FOR IT! Trust me, it looks long, but it's not too significant.

    I am very much disappointed.

    Yes, disappointed, you heard me, and I will tell you why!

    So, Rathuum, it's currently a pretty controversial event, some say that it's just another one of them grindfests, terrible.... Some say that it's terribly fun, awesome, amazing!

    I was one of the latter ones....well, up until the latest hotfixes which NERFED THE SHIT OUT OF THE EXECUTIONERS.

    You have got to agree with me here, eventhough some aspects of the executioners used to be terribly broken and well, leth…

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  • Elvis276

    Never thought I'd be the one who writes this, probably someone has written about this on the wiki before, maybe I just didn't pay attention. Let's get to business...or something!

    Alright, Greedy Milk is yet again a contestant for another Internet Food Battle, the winning internet food will be made in real life to be introduced in the upcoming ComicCon! It's going to be SPLENDID!

    Unforetunately, believe it or not, we're losing to MABEL JUICE ( Well, it's believable...), the situation is quite critical as well!! 

    So, why don't we all stand up and vote for Greedy Milk!? don't know if it would make any difference at all but why not! Or you can go and vote for another food for all I care, it's your choice!

    Personally, I am quite fond of Mabel Juice…

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  • Elvis276

    A Few Things....

    March 17, 2015 by Elvis276

    Well, WARFRAME is a well-made and fun game with its fast-pace and destructive style gameplay.

    But of course, WARFRAME is not a polished and perfect game...yet, not at all really. It still contains alot of POORLY-DESIGNED things, many additions in WARFRAME are very poorly-thought-out and rushed, which led to many problems.

    I'll list some of the things that are pooooosibly UNNECESSARY and yet probably NEEDED in WARFRAME, some things might probably just for my own pleasure really so bare with me, it's not bad.

    For those that have already known me through my horrid anti-prime blogs on the WIKI, I'll not be talking about that in this blog because people have the rights to choose what they like to use... still it's true that no one really uses non-prime e…

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  • Elvis276


    February 25, 2015 by Elvis276

    Hello again. Sorry about the title being a little un-informative. Well, I'll be talking about the GRINEER and some stuffs I'm working on for the GRINEER. 

    Well, the GRINEER, they're the first enemy faction that we all encountered when we first came into the game, army of clones, the Twin Queens, blah blah...

    But being the first and the main faction in WARFRAME, in my opinions, the GRINEER is the faction with the least work put into them, probably not but here, let me explain:

    I know that weapons which were manufactured by the GRINEER are meant to be mass-produced in order to meet the number of clones they clone. Because of that, we USUALLY see that the CORPUS wreck the GRINEER most of the time in terms of infantry units ( Lancers, Elite Lancer…

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  • Elvis276

    We all know that some of the grineer units, they throw grenades after once and a while. The thing is that both the GRINEER and the CORPUS, they both use the same grenade, the PLASMA GRENADE, there haven't been any confirmations yet about which faction manufactured this, but it definitely doesn't belong to both sides. But through the blue blast and the white shiny rectangular shape. It's probably from the CORPUS. So why can't the GRINEER have their own grenade, I created some designs of how their grenade would look like I person…

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