We all know that some of the grineer units, they throw grenades after once and a while. The thing is that both the GRINEER and the CORPUS, they both use the same grenade, the PLASMA GRENADE, there haven't been any confirmations yet about which faction manufactured this, but it definitely doesn't belong to both sides. But through the blue blast and the white shiny rectangular shape. It's probably from the CORPUS. So why can't the GRINEER have their own grenade, I created some designs of how their grenade would look like I personally love the first design, it looks weird and bulky, more grineer-ish and it's like it was mainly made to be mass-produced. The second one I guess it looks alright, but the third is a bit of a fail, it looks more like a mechanical heart than an actual grenade.

I haven't decided on the mechanics yet, but by the colors, I had in mind that it'd be somekind of HE Grenade, grenade that deals HEAT damage and innates HEAT proc. Leave your ideas down below. 

I first uploaded this in the forum, if you want this to be implemented ingame, please support, it's going a little quiet:

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