So, I know this is EVIL TALK right here. But because of this event, The part Relay's Annihilation interests me.

WHAT IF, things don't actually go as planned for the Tenno and the Grineer with their giants, the Fomorians, actually annihilate the Relays (Well, at least ONE)!?

That's going to be VERY VERY interesting and it's going to be Quuuite an interesting scene to see. I mean, I'm not evil. I mean, when they put a timer for Relay's Annihilation, there's gotta be an alternate ending, and it'd be cool to see the bad guys win for a change, I really feel bad for them, all of their plans always go backfired, but they never stopped kill us....and rule the whole galaxy....BUT NEVERMIND THAT! Just think of all the things that the annihilation of ONE relay could bring us <:D.. <:/ ...Well, it's not going to be pretty, but it'll be worth it :D!

SOOOOO!!! If you support this, please, leave the Strata Relay to the Fomorian, or if this blog comes to you too late. Leave the whatever Relay coming up next to the Fomorian. But if you don't support this, well, your choice :D.

P.s: Who waited for the Grineer transmission when Venus's FOmorian was destroyed lately? I thought there'd be something that's going to pop up but Nooooo.

Merry Christmas.

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