I love a good fight, and what's more entertaining than watching 2 factions fight each other to death, I love invasions, but there're some issues:

1)Factions are unbalanced: It seems like the Corpus have better firepower, I saw a level 13 crewman beat a level 27 elite lancer in just a few shots, I mean the HIND, I don't think it's a good weapon compares to the DERA, its dps is not as good as the DERA and the fact that the Corpus always go rambo, run towards the enemes and shoot, deal way more dmg than the elite lancers, and if the HIND is not good, then the GRAKATA is worse, it has lower dmg buuuuuut at least it has better firerate, can be used at close range combat for better dps. Probably you'd say "But the grinner have heavy gunners, bombards and napalms, so that means they're still better!" But the Corpus have Corpus Techs and their SUPRA dominates, we don't really see them around in invasion OFTENLY but when they are there, the grineer will surely lose.

2) MOAs!!: I mean these two-legged kangaroo robotic freaks are damn OP in invasions, and they shoot faster than the crewmen and they're very hard to kill, at least by the grineer, surely they can get buttkicked by heavy grineer units but I mean there're so many of them in Invasion and the weaker units like lancers, elite lancers, troopers, etc don't stand a chance. DEs need to nerf them, maybe change their fight style, maybe lower their speed or change the firerate of their mounted turret. Maybe just lower down the amount of Moa

3) Shield vs Armor: Basically Shield wins, because with 100 to 200 armor, the damage do reduce but it doesn't change much so basically the grineer are like clones wearing nothing to combat, I have an idea of armor, make it just a little bit like shield, it's like in some MMORPG games, you have the armor durability, we'll shoot untill the armor is down, and then onto the flesh. I don't know, it's a raw idea. but the damage dealt to them will still be reduced. 

4) Unresponsive AIs: DO you know sometimes when a lancer and a crewman, face each others like eye to eye, but they don't do anything, just stand there and look at each others, and sometimes a lancer just stands there and let the enemies shoot him, it's just so....unrealistic. DEs really need to improve the AIs, we need like when a lancer gets shot, he runs away immidiately, and the AIs need to shoot more, defend themselves more. and really need to advance, run alot, they hide too much. 

Maybe there're still ALOT more problems than these, but I think these are the main problems in Invasion, in my opinion. Maybe you'll think that this isn't really a big deal, but who knows, it's a big deal for me and maybe, some other people too, maybe the AIs will be improved in the future, maybe not, just hope it will. Oh and what do you think about the elite lancers? Are they truly ELITE in Invasions? Do you think the elite lancers need a new weapon instead of the HIND? God I really wish the elite lancers have a different gun. Please, feel free to leave your thoughts.

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