Well, I'll be fucking damned, it's real, SOMA PRIME, damn real....Let's talk about the upcoming prime access. WARFRAME is adding into the game 3 more primes, NOVA PRIME, VASTO PRIME and sadly SOMA PRIME. Good bye SOMA old friend, you're getting replaced TT^TT, I still don't know how this works though, SOMA takes MR6 to craft and use but SOMA PRIME doesn't (because prime equipments don't got MR), It'll be ANOTHER BOLTOR PRIME, will be used by MOST players. Don't get me wrong, SOMA is my cup of tea, my favorite weapon to be exact, but SOMA PRIME, 'course I like it and yet, I hate it, 

NOVA PRIME, the sweetheart of Warframe, and now getting a prime, I won't be suprised if I see her on the first run one day after prime access. 

VASTO PRIME...Egh, I'll let you slide.

But seriously though DE, you guys are great and all, I just hope that you guys won't go and prime every weapons we got. No tenno weapons are safe, none of them are safe, none I say, none.

I'll be waiting for the Prime-pocalypse. <-- I hope you guys understood what I meant.

I'm still surprised of the mojority of people said SOMA PRIME's concepts were fake, I was glad but then, it was obvious, legitimately obvious, sadly.

Here's the untextured models of the primes coming up....sigh:

One last question before publishing: Is WARPRIME a POSSIBILITY? Comment on this blog and also, answer that. Peace out.


And yes, I'll be getting SOMA PRIME, I don't want my fun with SOMA ends and I also don't want to get left out by people who use the prime version, this may seem hypocritic, I know.



PRIME WARFRAMES SHOULD BE PAID TO OBTAIN, Because the warframes are the reasons this game exists. Sure ALOT of people like PRIMES, But prime warframes are like lost warriors, It's NOT LOGICAL TO BRING DEAD PEEPS BACK TO LIFE AND REPLACE THE ORIGINALS WITH THEM!! The fact that I don't even know if the normal warframes are the ORIGINALS or not, let's take EXCALIBUR as an example, what if excali prime can be farmed and made by going through void mission to obtain parts to make him!? Then in just a matter of time, everyone would use Excali prime instead of Excalibur, when that happens, they might as well just replace the Excaliburs from the wallpapers with Excalibur prime. You get my point? I can spare the prime weapons, they can stay like they are right now.

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