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I'll probably gonna get hated by some people because of this blog because I'm going against their hopes and dreams.for SOMA PRIME! Yes people, soma prime.

Soma is a REALLY good weapon, when it first came out, people were shocked with the wobly 10 damage, but after testing it, they were ENTIRELY wrong, soma is not a weak weapon at all, with its 35% crit chance and 3.0x crit damage, hell it could one-shot a level 30 grineer bombard/napalm if it's modded correctly. and there're some pictures, concepts of SOMA PRIME that look REALLY convincing and kept me thinking:"What if soma prime'll actually be coming, what kind of impacts will it cause to warframe?" 

It will probably take the main weapon role of every single tenno, Soma is tenno's main assault rifle (I think) and it's already a tier 3 weapon, it's one of the BEST, maybe just a little OP (Maybe it takes the 4th or 5th spot)  and prettiest weapons in-game and it's used by SOOO many players when it first came out, and there came A BUNCH of other tenno reinforcements, new guns INCLUDING Boltor prime and pretty much reduce the majority of soma users. I'm not blaming anyone because who'd not want a weapon with good damage, good accuracy, good fire rate, basically good stats. Since the release of Rhino prime access, boltor prime has been alot of people's favorite weapon since and well, I don't think it'll be changing anytime soon because it's basically one of the top tier 3 weapons and it kicks ass, kills Corrupted Vor in less than 10 seconds. BUT what if SOMA PRIME comes out, who knows what will happen!? Maybe we'll be seeing everyone, holding soma prime in every squads, missions (probably not everyone, but you know, majority), who knows, and I hope it WON'T be a thing, I know that it's a tenno weapon but I don't think it's nescessarily to make a prime version outta every single one of them, if that happens, WARFRAME will change its name into WARPRIME. And I'm talking to you warframes too, warframes. Don't get me wrong, 2 of my favorite weapons are the SOMA and KARAK, they look REALLY badass, and I gotta admit that the concepts look VERY good and I'll probably get it, but still, DE should really be considering about making everything prime.  

To summarize everything: -DE should stop making good old weapons prime one day, and start making more other prime non-related to the weapons we have today, like the dakra prime and the reaper prime, , well because who would want to go play in a party where everyone is all primed up (for me at least) and it's kinda sad that we don't see people using the primes' normal counterpart anymore, like the BO, BOAR(for a few people because it's retired), LEX, BROCO, PARIS or the ORTHOS. Sure they're still used but only for now untill they have the chance to switch to the PRIME version. I've nothing against SOMA prime and the rest of the prime weapons, it's just that I think that we nearlly have enough, what like 21 prime weapons!?

To the people who disagreed with me, just think about it, do you really want everything to be primed? Every warframes primed? Every weapons primed (Even Grineer's and Corpus's)? Do you want to play in a party where everyone is all gold and shiny? Do you want WARFRAME to be changed to WARPRIME?

Please, show respect to this blog, it's my own personal thoughts and opinions, please if you have your own thoughts and opinions, feel free to leave some of 'em. Thanks!

Picture(I don't know if this is from DE but it looks REALLY convincing:

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