Hey guys, I started playing melee 2.0 and I LOVED IT, the ninja-ish style it has now, luving it every second, but though farming for stances is exhausting, time-consuming and frustrating, yes I felt it, I tried and I had enough and bought the stance I want for 25p.....It's stupid and I was desperate and frustrated....Though, I'm not here to tal;k about Melee 2.0.....Well sort of, I here to talk about things I want changes of, you guys might not like this and say things, though you have all rights to do that, i won't judge ^^, ok here we go.

1) Duel Ether, Duel Heat Swords, Duel weapons, Problems: Damage a bit too high for mastery 0, higher than Nikana...I think, Slide attack 240, 1 hit kill, dominate every fights, A bit too powerful if you ask me, otherwise, it's fine but I'm worry that the PRIME version would be OP XD

2) Orthos Prime, some other ablike orthos prime prime melee Idk : I don't care it's my fav wep XD, It's good as it is, Though I want every prime weapons to be equal or at least, nearly equal, it's fine by me, good damage, good range, good speed, it's awesome.

3) Galatine, Gram, Scindo: Too week, too week for heavy weapons, low damages on leap, slide, jump, wall damage, It's a bit frustrated for Heavy users i supposed, Galatine didn't survive "the collapse" I mean Melee 2.0 HA HA know like Acrid in damage 2.0, That's all i gotta say, they need to at least change the jump damage, maybe with those awsome stances it could be helpful like galatine with that swing around combo ^^

4) I don't what else, I will write another blog if I see stuffs not right, k? 

I hope you guys support or at least don't hate ^^, since there're no more charge acttack, Heavy is just a bit.....weak...Well, Enjoy Melee 2.0 and Stay possitive, They might change stuffs ^^, I don't quite need anything, on my Orthos Pr, though the differences of the Duel Ether and the Orthor prime is a bit over balanced I, at least change the slide into 160 or 150, or maybe now it's 140 and the prime will be 160 or 180 something... Well that's all guys ^^

Overall: Need to buff Heavy weapons, lower down the spin damage from duel melees (The Nami Skyla has the highest spin damage now, 300, maybe lower it down to 200, duel ether 160 and duel heat sword 180, I don't like 1 hit kill, with that much spin damage+ channeling= 1 hit kill PVP), basically that's all. 

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