Never thought I'd be the one who writes this, probably someone has written about this on the wiki before, maybe I just didn't pay attention. Let's get to business...or something!

Alright, Greedy Milk is yet again a contestant for another Internet Food Battle, the winning internet food will be made in real life to be introduced in the upcoming ComicCon! It's going to be SPLENDID!

Unforetunately, believe it or not, we're losing to MABEL JUICE ( Well, it's believable...), the situation is quite critical as well!! 

So, why don't we all stand up and vote for Greedy Milk!? don't know if it would make any difference at all but why not! Or you can go and vote for another food for all I care, it's your choice!

Personally, I am quite fond of Mabel Juice, but in my opinion, I think Mabel Juice's taste is definitely more predictable than Greedy Milk, probably Mabel Juice would taste something like.... cherry Juice...UGHhhhhh...

I guess that's it for now! VOTE FOR GREEDY MILK!!! But really, you can do whatever you want :|. The chances of winning are quite low but it's better to try eh?

P.s: Nuka Cola is so boring, it looks like normal Cola, the only difference is the brand name...and it's dominating... It's probably because of the game that people are voting for Nuka Cola...Oh well, what can you do! No offense to Nuka Cola's fans. VOTE!

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