In this guide, I will show you tips and tricks on how to play Saryn. You may or you may not know the tricks that I might show here but this guide is dedicated to the new players of Saryn.

I will discuss mostly the tricks of Saryn's skills (like placement of molt, when to use this skill or that skill etc.) I will not really focus much on the mods since I think it is quite redundant and boring. I will also include my weapons of choice to complement the skills of Saryn.

First the Spores. This skill is quite useless if used on a lone enemy. This skill was meant for CC (Crowd Control) which will gradually increase as the Spores start to burst. Spores burst when either the Spores pop due to a projectile or weapon hitting them or the enemy succumbing to the Spores' damage causing all the Spores to pop spreading to nearby enemies. Pop the Spores whenever enemies are nearby and timming is crucial to the never-ending spread of the Spores. Another cool trick of this skill is that it can be cast on Molt. The Spores will attatch themselves to the Molt yet not damaging it at all. Enemies accidentally hitting the Spores on the Molt  will trigger the Spores causing them to pop and spread. If the Molt  is destroyed while there are still some spores, the Spores will pop and spread to the nearby enemies along with the [1] Toxin effect that will activate as soon as the Molt is destroyed.


Next, Molt. This is my favorite skill in conjuction with the Spores. The Spore-Molt combo is one of the combos that will draw enemy fire at the same time punish the enemies for attacking the Molt due to the [2] Toxin effect it adds. If there are Spores attatched to the clone, it will spread the Spores debuff along with the [3] Toxin effect. Now, remember that the Spore-Molt combo is quite costly if you don't have the right mods. Sometimes it's better to just do Spores on an enemy then pop it or simply just doing Molt to draw enemy fire. Another trick to the Molt is that  re-casting the Molt skill while a Molt is still active will cause it to expload as if an enemy killed the Molt. Any Spores attatched to the Molt after it is recast will cause them all to pop and spread. Use this to your advantage if you need to refresh your Molt's health and shields or simply to draw aggro in a different location. Your Molt will take form of the position where you cast the skill. For example, you do a bullet-dive towards a vent and mid-way of the dive, you decide to cast Molt. This will cause the Molt to defy gravity and take form of a bullet-diving Saryn. Keep in mind that you may put Molts almost anywhere even on the ziplines. You can jump really high and cast Molt on the peak of the jump to make the enemy look up and shoot. This style is effective if you are in any Defense missions. Be creative in the placement of the Molt and I guarrantee that in the first few rounds, your enemy won't even be able to touch the Cryo-pods.


Third, Toxic Lash. My most unused skill and least favorite since I really prefer casting Spores from afar and poping them one-by-one rather than charging head-on to the enemy ranks. Yet, this skill is not entirely useless. You can cast it mid-air and hit an Eximus on the head without any problems but the true usefulness resides in its conjuction with Spores, Molt and the Miasma. Since Toxic Lash puts  [4] Toxin effect on the targets hit, it really helps around in the DOT (Damage over time) of the conjuction of skills.

Lastly, my favorite skill. Infamous for being the panic-button of Saryn players, the low energy cost and the insanely high DOT; Miasma. This is Saryn's combo finisher as well as an initiation. This skill is so powerful that it can stagger a Juggernaut for around 1.5 seconds. It's cast time is moderately fast and very spammable especially if you have a Trinity with you. Miasma's damage depends on the number of Toxin, Viral effects and the Power strength which can be attained through some mods and/or the skills of Saryn.

Here are some combos of Saryn:

Molt-Spores: Simple yet deadly; this combo uses a moderate amount of energy yet the effects are worth it. If the enemy manages to destroy the Molt, they will be hit with Toxin damage along with the Spores that were still attatched to the Molt before it exploaded. This causes a chain-reaction of two Toxin effects which will make the DOT quite effective for a moderate cost.

Molt-Spores-Miasma: An extended version of the Molt-Spores combo except with a twist of Miasma. Now, the technique here is to cast Molt, add some Spores on it and follow it up with a Miasma. Why? Well, Miasma has a default casting time of (I believe) around 1.5 seconds. The 0.5 second will pop the Molt decoy along with the Spores before the actual Miasma damage is dealt. So as the Molt-Spore exploads, the [5] Toxin debuff along with the  [6] Viral effect from the Spores. In other words, you don't have to manually hit the Spores on the Moltdecoy before casting Miasma to deal the 'optimal' amount of damage.

Toxic Lash-Molt-Spores (Syndicate mod included): I recommend using this combo against the Infested because most of them have to actually go close to the Molt to destroy it giving you the Saryn, a opening to demolish them with the combo. So first, you apply Toxic Lash to your weapon. Next, you do the Molt-Spores in a location where you can intentionally have the Molt decoy become swarmed with the enemies. After that, give the Spores some whacks with your melee weapon w/ the Toxic Lash buff with it. The Spores will expload and punish the enemies badly. I recommend using the Redeemer weapon here since it can spray a lot of bullets in a single charge attack causing more Spores to burst all at the same time! Plus, you can hit the Molt decoy at a safe distance without fear of some Volatile Runner exploading near you.


Now for some of the builds:

Saryn is a really versitile warframe. She is very effective against all factions: Grineer, Corpus, Infested, Corrupted and even the Sentients. For now, I will share some of the builds I know. These include the Draco Support,                The Solo-ryn/Tank (Solo + Saryn XD), Melee Saryn.

Draco support with Forma: You must be quite upset or probably pulling your hairs out right now thinking that Draco is already turning out of fashion but hear me out. (Sorry for no picture for the mods, I will post the build's screenshot soon.)

So here are the mods.

                                                         Aura ( D polarity) : Rejuvenation or Physique

  |  ( Dash polarity) : Max Streamline   |  [Forma in V polarity] : R9/R10 Blind Rage  |  Max Intensify | Natural Tal.

  |  ( D polarity) : Max Overextended   |         Max Flow         |     Max  Power Drift  |  Venom Dose (Syndicate)

Tips: First, you should have these priorites set:

Priority 1 -> The Excalibur: Always keep that Venom Dose on that Excal. The use of all your Strength mods are for the damage of the Venom Dose which is added to the Excal's Radial Javelin damage. Its just like adding Toxic Lash to the Excal's Radial Javelin. So keep the buff on him.

Priority 2 -> The enemies: Make sure that the enemies in your line of sight are affected by the Spores. Stretch + Overextended will allow you to cast your Spores from the box to the enemies and when the affected target is killed while having the Spores debuff, this will cause it to spread like crazy. The damage output of the Spores is kinda negligible but what you're after isn't the raw damage from the Spores rather the 100% [7] Viral effect it puts on the enemies which reduces their Health by half making them suceptible to 1 shot kills even from a Full-ranged Excalibur with bad Strength mods.

Now you got your priorites set, I will show you your best friends:

Frost (Freeze Force): This frame will double the damage output of the Excalibur if he has the Freeze Force syndicate mod with him to buff some Cold damage to the Excal. Now, what if you add some of your Toxin damage from your Spores? Cold + Toxin =? [8] Viral effect !! You got it! Yes the effects of Freeze force and Venom Dose stack causing a very significant damage increase for that Excal if used together!

Trinity: Everybody's best friend! She'll keep your energy pool up regardless on how fast you cast those Spores.

Volt (Shock Trooper): Electricity Damage + Toxin = Corrosive. Surpassing the Rhino's damage like ~woah! (Remember: Grineer f***'in hate Corrosive. You'll probably overkill them and make the Trin go on a rage so be careful!)

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