• EnSiet


    April 11, 2013 by EnSiet

    I edit this post adding new bugs and funny things, to do not create more blogs and don't create a individual pages to create spam in the wiki.

    The last night in game i see 5 green points in the minimap, i don't start in the mission and i think is a rescue mission, but in the final of that i see this.

    Any one know if this weapon can take? im try but i cant take that T_T i want

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  • EnSiet

    Hi guys, I'm working on a series about the game, I hope you enjoy it, is under construction so still many videos.

    Estoy trabajando en una serie sobre el juego, espero que la disfruten, esta en construccion asi que aun faltan muchos videos.

    Warframe Series

    • He crado una pequeña introduccion al juego espero les sirva Introduccion Warframe
    • Los invito a ver mi montage sobre el juego. Warframe Montage - The Other Planet
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