I will preface this post by mentioning that sorties cannot be accessed until you've finished The War Within Quest, so I guess there may be minor unintentional spoilers in here. 

So, you've come a long way in your journey through warframe. Thinking about doing sorties, but haven't found much help from your friends or online resources? Hopefully this can be a one-stop guide to help cover all the basics of what to expect when going into sorties.

I found myself often giving advice to my friends, so I thought I'd just condense all my little tips into a post. But as the information piled up, I found myself with an intimidating wall of text, so I thought a blog post might be the best platform for this. Keep in mind all of these tips and strategies are subjective (obviously) written from my own strengths and experiences.

Getting Started

Not just anyone can tackle sorties. If you don't want to be carried hard, make sure you have a decent arsenal of strong equipment. You don't need an army's worth of weapons, just as long as you have a few trusty weapons. It does help to have some variety, because sortie hazards are all about adapting - not to mention some of the hazards are specific weapon restrictions.

Here's a quick check-list for starting things out.

  • Multiple weapons with multiple forma on them: shotgun, bow, sniper rifle, trusty sidearm, trusty melee weapon
  • At least a few different warframes
  • Max or nearly max ranked damage mods for your weapons as well as highly damaging weapon builds. Key mods include Serration and Hornet Strike, and Multishot mods. More difficult to track down mods like Heavy Caliber, Lethal Torrent , and Spoiled Strike should definitely be pursued as well.
  • Team energy restores

Ciphers are not included, because sorties do not allow ciphers to be used.


Sample loadout

All weapons and Warframes you bring to a sortie should generally be max ranked with orokin catalysts/reactors. A Warframe selection as basic as Rhino, Frost, and Excalibur can get you through most missions. Desirable abilities for a Warframe tend to be damage mitigation and CC. As an example, one of Rhino's boons with Iron Skin (and Nezha's Warding Halo as well) is absorbing potentially fatal incoming damage, as well as complete immunity to procs, which can be a lifesaver. Since sorties can appear on any node in the system, it helps to have all nodes on the star map unlocked. Make sure you're adept at solving the high-level hacking ciphers as well. If you choose to do public matchmaking, you will find that most folks prefer to run through missions, avoiding enemies altogether except when killing is necessary.

Enemies hit hard, you and your allies will get one-shotted when you least expect it, but be cautious about reviving fallen allies - sometimes the only option is to leave them to their fate and spend a revive. Warframes with damage mitigation abilities are highly valued during sorties. Be evasive! Keep moving, as long as you're in motion, enemy accuracy is greatly diminished. Rolling is a useful tool for survival as it greatly reduces damage taken during its duration, so use it to escape crowded situations. Lastly, never underestimate crowd control (CC) abilities, since those will always control enemies exactly the same regardless of level and health!


Let's talk briefly about effective equipment. People will often ask what Warframes and weapons are "good" for doing sortie level missions. There isn't really a simple answer to that, as nearly any weapon can get the job done with the proper forma investment and synergies with you and your squad. Here are just a few effective weapons and combinations that deal solid killing damage up to high levels which you may have seen in action already.

  • Penta (Secura), as with all explosives, be mindful of self-damage
  • Dex Sybaris
  • Hek with Scattered Justice
  • Tigris (sancti or prime)
  • Kulstar
  • Brakk
  • Lex Prime
  • Most syndicate secondaries are good choices, and can be obtained at MR 6
  • For melee weapons, Broken War can more than get the job done.
  • Valkyr, if you bring a melee weapon built for criticals, does great damage with her Hysteria in addition to being invulnerable. Just be careful with the energy drain.
  • Excalibur with Radial Blind and Exalted Blade has solid CC and damage potential, however he has no damage mitigation abilities.
  • Rhino is a jack of all trades. He brings damage mitigation, group damage boosting, and a potent CC ability to the party. His Iron Skin will protect him from damage and all status procs, although sortie-level damage will shred through it very quickly if you just stand around tanking things.
  • Mesa has an extremely high damage output, and her Shatter Shield can reduce ranged attack damage by 95%.
  • Loki has invisibility to avoid damage, and Radial Disarm will neuter the enemy's ability to damage you (not including infested, unfortunately).
  • Nyx has Chaos, which is a crazy CC ability, and her Absorb makes a small area around her completely invincible (Barring nullifiers, of course).
  • If you're completely unsure with your abilities, Trinity is always universally appreciated, for healing your team and providing much-needed energy. Her Link gives generous DR.
  • Nova's Molecular Prime is one of the most devastating CC abilities, slowing enemies to a crawl and doubling the damage they take. In addition, learn to use her Antimatter drop: Bring a shotgun or high-damaging weapon to quickly fill up her drop to unleash about 200k damage in a generous area; I personally use my Sancti Tigris for the job, it maxes out AMD with a single round (AMD is an object-based entity, meaning that it will not take critical hits, so bring a non-crit build weapon for this- Sniper rifles and the like don't work well).
  • Mirage makes any weapon loadout multiplicatively more deadly with her Hall of Mirrors and Eclipse. She also gains damage mitigation from HOM as enemies will fire at her duplicates instead of her, and Eclipse grants up to 95% DR in darkness. Her infamous Simulor spam was (and still is, even after the nerf) a final "Fuck you" to enemies, easily wiping out large groups.
  • With any guns built for critical hits, aim for headshots, because a critical headshot will deal an additional damage modifier that non-critical hits won't receive.
  • Any Warframe with abilities that will open enemies up to finisher melee attacks, as the extreme damage multiplier can finish off nearly any enemy. Ivara's Sleep arrow, Equinox's Rest and Rage, Excalibur's Radial Blind, Ash with Fatal Teleport. If you manage to pick up Covert Lethality, even better, but for the most part a decently damaging weapon can finish off most enemies.

Now then, this is simply a very small fraction of effective equipment for sorties, based on what I personally have used. I chose to highlight these items because of their relative ease to obtain and use. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses, and hopefully commentors will throw their own suggestions in down below.

The enemies you face during a sortie will be in the range of 50-100+. Personally, I find that grineer are the hardest bunch to deal with, as their armor soaks up way too much damage. Infestation are equally frustrating due to their annoying debilitations. Corpus on the other hand are the flimsiest still, but still quite dangerous. For grineer sorties, your allies will thank you if you bring Corrosive Projection , so try to make it a habit.

Sortie Hazards

Now to highlight the actual hazards you might face in these missions!

Cryogenic leak

Possibly the easiest of the sorties, there really aren't any special precautions you need to take. The only hazard is the patches of ice on the ground. Even when you touch them, you're slowed for only a second, and you just simply jump out of the area.

Dense fog

Another no-brainer in terms of hazards. The reduced visibility doesn't bring much of a challenge, just be more careful about distant enemies.

Electromagnetic anomaly

There is reduced gravity, and random blue bubbles around the stage that not only pull you towards them at close range, but inflict magnetic proc and damage. Avoid these at all costs. However, it is possible to temporarily neutralize those bubbles with a weapon that deals magnetic damage, so bringing one along would definitely help. Abilities like Rhino's Iron skin and Nezha's Warding halo will also prevent magnetic procs while up but the stacking damage WILL still destroy your barrier quickly.

Radiation hazard

Pockets of radiation linger in this map, which will damage and proc radiation on players who touch them. In addition, all enemy physical attacks have a chance to proc radiation as well. This is a particularly deadly hazard, because of how bad the radiation status is: it turns the affected unit into an enemy temporarily, allowing them to target and be targeted by their allies' attacks. Especially lethal in defense type missions, many a sortie has been failed because an irradiated Tenno accidentally destroys the objective with one attack.

While traversing the level, sometimes your path might be completely blocked off by radiation bubbles (unfortunately, you cannot dissolve them like with magnetic anomaly). Put your head down, and roll or Slash Dash through them as quickly as possible to minimize damage and radiation chance. Status procs can be avoided several ways: Rhino's Iron skin, Nezha's Warding Halo, Trinity's Link. Status effects can be cured with Oberon's Hallowed ground and Nezha's Firewalker as well. Take care not to aim at an irradiated player, and when you are afflicted, keep your head down so your allies don't catch you with a bullet. For this hazard, it's wise to not bring massive AoE abilities and weapons, as you can easily wipe out our entire team in a single move.

Extreme cold

Your speed is reduced, including casting speed and reload times, and you can't run. However, you can still bullet jump and roll. Overall, the slow-mo sortie isn't too much of a challenge with adequate mobility and CC; don't bring slow weapons or Warframes.


Fire spreads throughout rooms in the map, starting with the beginning. Rooms are permanently affected, and lingering in a burning room deals moderate fire damage over time. The fire seems to start in multiple rooms near the beginning, but doesn't spread too fast, so as long as you keep moving, you shouldn't have any problems. It couldn't hurt to bring some healing along though.

Enemy elemental resistance

Whew, I have a lot to say about this one. Enemies deal extra damage, and receive highly reduced elemental damage (I'm not sure what the actual % is, but it seems to have fluctuated between patches from personal experience). Even though the enemies will get a single elemental damage boost, they will resist all elements. This is a more painful hazard, since a large portion of your weapon damage is most likely elemental damage. While it is possible (and may be necessary in some cases) to simply brute-force your way with your regular weapons, you will probably notice enemies are more durable. Certain warframes that rely on pure elements will do much less damage with their abilities (frost, nova, saryn, etc).

Crit-based weapons are most useful here, since they have less mod slots left over after installing crit mods. Replace elemental damage mods with physical damage mods that match the weapon's primary damage type, it's especially helpful if you have the 120% event mods. Even if you don't, using the standard physical damage mods are better than nothing. Use the faction damage mods (bane of grineer/corpus/infested, etc); don't be fooled by the meager 30%, since that is a boost to total damage, rather than base damage (more information on those damage mods on their respective pages). Lastly, consider non-elemental mods that will increase damage output per-second, such as fire rate mods, reload speed mods, or lesser-used corrupted mods. This may decrease your overall damage output, but not as much as it would if you went in with your regular elemental damage build.
  • Physical melee build
  • Sample primary weapon build

It's important to note that even though elemental warframe abilities will deal less damage, they still have full CC capabilities, so abilities like Nova's mprime and Frost's avalanche are still highly valuable for getting the advantage. In addition, the special Finisher elemental damage is not resisted either, and can be inflicted by Ash's bladestorm and Hydroid's tentacle swarm.

Enemies have a moderate chance to inflict procs on players; be wary of the following elemental sorties:

  • Toxin deals high damage and completely bypasses shields
  • Radiation deals high damage and procs will confuse you, making you vulnerable to your ally's attacks
  • Magnetic procs just suck for everyone
  • Blast procs can knock you down

Enemy physical enhancement

Enemies deal extra damage, and receive reduced physical damage. Opposite of the elemental resistance sorties, this one is much easier to deal with in terms of preparation. Due to the fact that most standard weapon builds rely on elemental damage mods for the bulk of their damage, you should be just fine taking in any of your usual weapons with no special mod consideration, although you may feel more comfortable taking in a pure-elemental weapon (such as the Simulor or explosive launchers). Other than that, be cautious for increased enemy damage output, as puncture damage and slash procs can bring you down fast.

Augmented shields

Corpus have extremely high shields, making them damage sponges. This can be extremely tedious to brute-force, and the first natural response might be to bring in magnetic weapons for that proc. However, pure Toxin damage will ignore their shields completely, as well as dealing bonus damage to corpus flesh letting you shred through them very quickly. In fact, it's not a bad idea to use the same build for fighting corpus even in non-sortie missions.

Malignant Force included

Keep in mind this must be pure toxin damage, and not any combined element; viral and corrosive still damage shields. Modding your weapons to add toxin as the only added element can be inefficient, and the damage-status toxin mods can help you fill in an empty mod slot (these drop from Corrupted Vor ). Gas damage itself does not bypass shields, but gas procs deal toxin damage in a small aoe, which behaves the way normal toxin damage does in that it bypasses shields; therefore gas damage can work for you, as long as you have a high proc chance to rely on.

Augmented armor

Grineer have extremely high armor, making them damage sponges. Oh boy, there really isn't any way around this one, this sortie just sucks. Corrosive projection might be a mandatory aura for this one, but apparently it's only half-effective in these sorties, maxing out at 60% reduced armor, which STILL leaves grineer sturdier than a classic Gameboy. Weapons that deal corrosive procs are only somewhat useful; the 25% armor reduction is based on the enemy's current armor value, meaning that each proc will take progressively less armor away. While this will eventually soften up the enemy enough to kill, it's not too terribly efficient to deal with massive groups of enemies this way. 

You can opt to simply brute force your way with extremely high damaging weapons and abilities. Some things that come to mind are Valkyr, Mesa, Nova, Covert lethality combos and opening enemies to finishing moves in general.

A better method in my opinion is to use ability augments that reduce an enemy's armor in conjunction with moderately high power strength: Seeking Shuriken, Sonic fracture, and Abating Link are potent weapons (see their wiki pages for more information in maximizing them). Just as with augmented shields, Finisher damage from Bladestorm and Tentacle swarm has the special property of completely ignoring enemy armor, so when all else fails, just bring an Ash or Hydroid and spam away (Note that this will be far less effective in infested missions, due to Ancient Healers and Disruptor auras).

Energy reduction

Your maximum energy is reduced to 25% and energy regen from Energy Siphon and Zenurik's passive is greatly reduced. It's wise to bring a loadout that relies less on costly warframe abilities and more on weapons, but you can still bring your energy guzzlers if you plan ahead. 

Flow and Fleeting Expertise are extremely useful for keeping energy up, even if you don't normally include them in a build. Trinity is popular in these sorties for providing endless energy. Even if passive energy regen is reduced, it's not completely useless, and Zenurik can provide you with enough of an energy trickle to keep you going. Let's not forget the almighty Team Energy Restore, you should always have them equipped anyways. I'd recommend putting the gear slot that has your energy restores on a hotkey, which you can do in the key config, that way you have quick energy at the push of a button. 

One more thing to be aware of is to make sure that you have enough energy to cast your abilities in the first place! You can't cast a 100-energy skill if your maximum energy is only 62, no matter how much energy regen you have.

Eximus stronghold

Most of the enemies in this sortie are Eximus units. You obviously need to be prepared to deal with much tougher enemies than normal, but the main hazards actually vary between factions due to each having a "common soldier" eximus spawn.

  • Grineer: These guys are these the biggest damage sponges with their increased armor, health, and leech eximi. The most common units are the fire and ice eximus, so there are many ice bubbles and walls of flame knocking you over to deal with.
  • Corpus: The main threats here are frost and shock eximus. Thankfully, the shock eximi do non-threatening damage, so don't worry too much about them.
  • Infestation: The most common units here are parasitic eximi, making these guys my least favorite. The map will be filled with parasitic chargers, which rapidly drain energy while shutting off any passive energy regen. For these guys, it would help to look into the energy reduction sortie tips above, since your main opponent here is lack of energy. Aside from that, there are also fire and toxic eximi to be wary of.

It's also worth noting that eximus units have increased elemental resistance, which further adds to their toughness. These sorties also are known for the absolute abundance of affinity you can gain, since eximus units reward many times the normal experience. Players will sometimes grind out eximus sorties for standing and focus.

Rifles only

You are only permitted to take rifle type weapons. Rifle weapons are any primary weapons that don't fall into the category of shotgun, bow, or sniper rifle. This means that grenade launchers and such are wholly still permitted. You obviously want to bring along your best rifle, since it's the only weapon you'll be allowed for the job. However, Ivara and Titania will still be able to benefit from their ultimates, since they gain power from equipped rifle mods, so that's an option if you want something with a bit more punch.

Secondary only

You are only permitted to bring secondary weapons. There are a number of powerful secondary weapons out there. Mesa's Peacemaker uses the benefit of secondary weapon mods, so she's usually a popular choice for these types of sorties.

Shotgun only

You are only permitted to bring a shotgun type weapon. In this case, only Titania's ult benefits from shotgun mods on a primary weapon, so with this one, you are more likely to be left to your own wits. My personal favorite combo to use for this sortie is bringing Tigris and Nova. Unloading a single round into Nova's Anti-matter Drop promises devastation to any enemy, and is overall a good move to practice for dealing massive damage. Just be wary of her paper-thin defense.

Sniper/bow only

You are only permitted to bring sniper or bow type weapons. These are two separate sortie types: bows and snipers aren't interchangeable. I'm not going to lie, I completely suck with snipers and bows, I hate using them, and I only ever use them when I absolutely have to. I can't really recommend a good bow or sniper, but the favorites seem to be Dread and Rubico, for their ease in obtaining. When forced into these sorties, I just use Ivara's Artemis bow, which draws on the power of any (non-shotgun) primary mods. There are plenty of crack shots out there that would probably have a much easier time with this sortie than I do.

Melee only

You are only permitted to bring melee weapons. For these sorties, Excalibur, Valkyr, and Wukong are top picks for their ultimates. Make sure you have a melee weapon you fully trust in as well, for when your energy runs dry, and remember to be blocking often (RMB by default)!

Keep in mind that these restrictions do not apply to sentinel weapons, as little help as they might be.

Mission Types

Each of these hazards has a chance to appear on any mission type available on the solar map.


EZ PZ, nothing needs explaining here. The only thing to be aware of is that there are usually anywhere from 100-300 enemies to meet par in sorties. If you're unsure whether or not you're properly prepared for sorties, try to make one of these your first missions for them, to get a feel for enemy durability and difficulty. Not all missions revolve around killing enemies, but it is important that you be able to efficiently. 


Another no brainer. The graduated form of exterminate, it not only demands that you slay enemies, but do so quickly, and for 10 minutes nonstop. Just make sure you're geared up for offense and get ready to kill.


Unlike traditional defense maps, sortie defenses have you babysitting a reasonably tough NPC. This guy is oblivious to all danger and randomly wanders around the map with no sense of self-preservation, so having Frost is actually not always a good idea, due to having to constantly relocate snow globes. The worst case scenario is having a clueless Frost that ends up filling the map with bubbles that block all your shots, so be considerate. 

The NPC can be equipped with your secondary weapon like rescue targets, and can be resurrected if they're killed, like other Tenno, so overall it's not too threatening. Just make sure you pay attention to the life bar, since they won't always give you notifications when they go down. A Trinity can heal the operative, and makes the sortie much easier.

A special mention goes out for Kuva fortress defense missions, which is a rare but not impossible pick. Obviously designed to be the most difficult defense mission in the solar map, it's filled with highly damaging traps like flamethrowers and poison gas. A bit of an annoyance for normal defenses, but having a brain-dead NPC happily walking into poison gas chambers makes this sortie hair-tearingly frustrating. Bringing a Trinity is a must for this one, and even then, you're still going to probably be pissed depending on the hazard.

Mobile defense

Identical to non-sortie missions. Typical defense strategies here, such as Frost bubbles. Overall, not much to say. I'm adding a special note here for radiation hazards, because this is the easiest mission to straight up fail if you attack the computers while confused. Be extremely careful in those cases, and refer to the section on radiation hazards up there for more info.


Identical to non-sortie missions as well, you must complete 3 waves successfully. These missions are a bit of a pain to deal with due to the fact that they require the team to split up, so the difficulty is artificially ramped up in addition to dealing with sortie-level enemies. It helps to build yourself for a solo fight, so you can grab a node and hold it on your own; getting downed will almost always result in the loss of one or more nodes if players move to revive each other. Enemy behavior tends to have them swarm one particular node at a time, so it helps to pay attention to the overall map as well as your own node, if you see an ally being beaten down at his node, it doesn't hurt to break away for a while and offer assistance, but don't linger once the enemies move onto a different node.

It's interesting to note that this mission type gets considerably easier if you do it with less players, as you capture the points much faster, and less enemies will harrass you.


One of the more difficult missions to deal with. Frost is mandatory for this, due to the fact that the excavators never scale up in durability, and will be destroyed if an enemy so much as sneezes on it. You need snow globes even on infested maps, because the energy cell carriers have a persistent projectile attack. Other helpful frames are Nova, Loki, Vauban, and anything with mad CC abilities, because large waves of enemies will swarm you relentlessly. Just dig in on one excavator at a time. 

Corpus excavation sorties are especially deadly because nullifiers will dissolve globes when they get close, and bursas will randomly spawn to make things shitty for you.


The spy vaults in these missions are always maximum difficulty and, unlike a normal spy, always require all three(!) successful data extractions for success. 

There is no easy way around it, the most important thing for these missions is practice, practice, practice. You need to learn all the vaults, inside and out, which will take a bit of time. It's important to practice solo on the high-level spy missions: Sedna, Pluto, Uranus, etc. to get a feel for the difficulty. As you might know already, each vault has multiple different methods of bypassing security, but at lower levels, security is far less "strict" with less obstacles, so it's important to familiarize yourself with the more difficult barriers. As well, vaults vary slightly in each mission, so you need to run each vault enough to learn every possible obstacle you might face. You don't want to learn one single path through a vault, only to find that path blocked off when it comes to crunch time. You will also need to become proficient in solving advanced hacking, since ciphers (the gear item) are not allowed in sorties. This preparation is tedious, but once you have the vaults learned, you'll be definitely glad you did.

The possible vaults you can encounter, by tileset are: standard Grineer, standard Corpus, Earth forest, Uranus sea lab, Lua, Kuva fortress. 

Lua and Kuva fortress deserve a special mention though since they are the biggest and baddest of the spy missions, each only having one node in the map, and they both require very thorough practice and investigation. Lua spy vaults are time-travelling puzzles, and they're special because the vaults ARE, in fact, the exact same thing every single time, so you can just learn a single path of least resistance through them. Kuva fortress vaults are the newest addition, and even I still need a bit of practice on them. They're difficult and complex, but thankfully rare to get in sorties.

The biggest boon you can have for spy missions is a frame with a cloaking ability. The favorite is Loki modded for duration, but Ivara and even Ash can work; they will let you run right past cameras and guards - although I would still recommend making a note to learn habits that avoid enemy line of sight. Even though ciphers are disabled for sorties, you can still tip the odds in your favor if you have trouble with the hacking by using the Intruder mod. Using air support charges with the default liset will also pause the countdown for about 10 seconds if you trip the alarm. Silent weapons like bows and throwing weapons also help immensely.

For these sorties, it may be beneficial at first to run them solo or with close friends if you're anything like me; the prospect of ruining an extraction and failing the entire mission for your team is not pleasant to face. Once you get comfortable enough, or if you're simply reckless, you can open up to public, and possibly be the one to carry your team through.


The jail in these missions always starts the execution countdown as soon as you enter, regardless of alarms. It's important to know how to get to the cells quickly, just make a beeline for the cells and ignore enemies that aren't in your way. Luckily, the jails don't differ based on difficulty. If a teammate goes down (which will probably always happen for those who are going in through the front jail's front door) just ignore them and press on, because time is limited. Knowing how to solve the highest difficulty hacking minigames is also required, just as with spy missions.


These mission types actually have several different goals, depending on the planet/tileset. For Jupter/Ceres/Mars/Europa maps, you will need to find the central power core and destroy it, a simple task (sometimes, for Ceres, you need to bring a datamass to a computer). For Grineer asteroid tilesets, you need to find and destroy a few flimsy mining machines. Earth forest tilesets are sort of a mobile defense type mission as you destroy toxin injectors. Uranus sabotage has you destroying Tyl Regor's cloning labs. 

Corpus and Grineer ships make use of the latest sabotage updates, involving the power and fuel cells. Make sure you agree with your team with which method you want to use to complete it. The most widely used method for pubs is the meltdown method (fuel cell back in the fuel port) for its simplicity and low risk.

For sabotage, it's important to look at the node to see exactly which sabotage you will be doing, and prepare yourself accordingly.


There are two versions of this mission, for Grineer and Corpus. The Grineer version has you escorting the energy core, while the Corpus one has you escorting a rover. However, unlike their vanilla counterparts, these ones have a permanent nullifier field around the objective, to prevent you from taking a lazy ride through the level. You can still use abilities, provided you run out of the nullifier field, but any buffs will fall off as soon as you get back near it. Make sure you've got wide area CC and sharpshooters to pick off distant enemies before they get into attack range. Personally I like to use Volt with max range and Capacitance , as Overload will stun enemies generously, while also providing shields needed to power the objective.


The mother of all sorties. Assassination missions, if chosen, will always appear as the third and final sortie, guaranteeing the boss is the highest possible level (usually 100-120). Not only do bosses become huge bullet sponges at this level, but almost any attack they make is a guaranteed one-shot kill for unprotected players. It is paramount that you learn the strategies for fighting the bosses to be able to avoid their killing blows. For some bosses, it becomes a real test of endurance due to massive health pools and invincibility phases. The bottom line for these guys is to make sure you've practiced enough on the regular bosses before taking on the sortie version.

Some bosses are insanely frustrating regardless, and I'm not ashamed to say that sometimes I just blow off sorties completely after seeing that Kela de Thaym is on sortie 3, forget that dumb ho.


Only one node of this mission type exists on the map (in the Kuva fortress), and as far as I know, it has only been selected once for sorties. It's a combination mission type, incorporating elements from mobile defense and rescue. If you'd like to practice it, then go right ahead, as it does require knowing what to expect ahead of time. However, it might not really be worth it, due to its rarity.

Wrapping things up

To wrap things up, I also wanted to mention what I like to call extreme hazards. Enemies that were dangerous at lower levels are now incredibly lethal, and should be your highest priority.

  • Bursas: They're durable and annoying, and their projectiles can easily one-shot anyone, especially the explosive variety, all while sending out nonstop shockwaves to knock you down. Luckily they are very vulnerable to CC abilities, and can usually be avoided altogether by hacking the level's alarms to the unalerted level.
  • Corpus Tech: The heavy gunners of the Corpus. The Supra they carry does insane damage compared to their Grineer counterparts, and if they catch you out in the open, you WILL die in a fraction of a second. Do not underestimate how much damage these guys do, and pick them off quickly.
  • Nullifiers: I don't even have to say anything about these guys. Universally hated for good reason. If they get in range of any of your abilities, they will be completely removed, things like Absorb and Snow Globe. The good thing about these guys is how flimy they are.
  • Scrambus and Comba: They nullify certain abilities, just like the nullifier. However, they can hit much harder, and are much tougher to kill, making them a high priority threat.
  • Sapper /Mine Ospreys: These guys shit death all over the battlefield, and during sorties they seem to be particularly aggressive. At those levels, one or two seconds of a sapper field is lethal. Luckily, sapper orbs can be destroyed by any weapon damage. A weapon like the Ignis is great for clearing out a field, but on its own is a poor choice for sorties, since it doesn't do much damage against enemies. Mines, on the other hand, can be dispatched by rolling over them.
  • Juggernaut: Anyone who's done an infested sortie knows to avoid the Juggernaut. It's an absolute pain to deal with. Even if it is summoned, it's best to just run away and continue with your mission objective. If your team stays to fight one, you can expect to see multiple party wipes.
  • Ancient Healers /Ancient Disruptors: Healers will project a damage-reduction barrier on all nearby infested that can reduce damage taken to single digits. Disruptors project an ability-dampening barrier on themselves and all nearby infested that can greatly reduce the damage and effectiveness of your Warframe's abilities, and in addition all of their attacks will sap energy your energy even through barriers and invulnerability. These two give dangerous buffs to their allies, and should always be your highest priority targets with infestation.
  • Scorch /Napalm: Normally enemies will do little to no damage with their weapons as long as you stay a moving target. However, these guys don't really need to aim. The ignis has a wide AOE damage cone, which melts even the most agile of Tenno. The Napalm's fireballs detonate in a disproportionately huge AOE that deals massive damage and inflicts a deadly fire proc. Many times have I thought myself completely safe from a Napalm's flames, only to suddenly catch fire and lose all my health.

That took me much longer than I thought it would to write. Even so, I've barely scratched the tip of the iceberg concerning sorties and high-level Warframe play. No matter how much I write here, experience is the best teacher. I still hope this helps someone out there!