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  • Erlo68

    New relic grind?

    August 21, 2016 by Erlo68

    Ok, was just making some fissure runs and then it dawned on me! Don't know if it's already confirmed or not, but when they let us keep the relics containing vaulted parts (Mag Prime + Weapons) does that mean that they will make new relics for every new prime stuff they add?

    If that's the case, then we are going to have soooooo many different relics (provided you did not use all relics containing freshly vaulted parts) and we will end up having like 30 different relics for every aera... ascending trend.

    But my biggest "problem" with that would be the fact that i can't instantly start farming new prime parts they just introduced because the first step will be to go and grind those frigging relics. That will cost so much more time, even further…

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  • Erlo68

    HAHA nice joke DE

    May 2, 2014 by Erlo68

    So full of hopes i payed 100k Credits to built a Cosmic-Specter with my best Waframe + Weapons i have so far.

    I hoped fore an AI which can support me at a Solo Pluto mission.

    And what is the result? I payed for a walking useless idiot! I just wanted to test him on a Venus deff mission, just to see he is useless as a rock. I gave him my full modded Soma with 3 formas installed just to see that he don't even have mods installed in the end. First thing he did, was shooting 1 bullet and then reloading. He needed half of its soma magazine to kill a lvl 5 Corpus.

    I don't know what DE expected, but if i should guess what happened i think nobody told DE that april fools day is over and now i want my 100k Credits back >:(

    PS: And i hoped for a new glow…

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  • Erlo68

    Account banned

    April 13, 2014 by Erlo68

    I was so god damn hyped about Melee 2.0,

    so one day after Melee 2.0 got online, UltimatePay decided to fuck up my life. I logged out with 5 Plat, and when i logged in 1 hour later they told me my account got banned until 1.1.2035 because of negative Platinum. I checked my profile and... -70 platinum! But why?? The support told me there was one purchase of 75 platinum with 20% off from january that got refunded. Yeah.... refunded, without any reason, after 3 whole months they finnally decided to bann my account and refund the purchase mentioned above. They didn't even send me a mail or something like that the past 3 months... they just banned me without saying ANYTHING. And now i have to repay the purchase mentioned above + 18€ to reactivate…

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  • Erlo68

    Prime Sentinels

    March 25, 2014 by Erlo68

    As you may can see in the picture, we finally get our Sentinels primed. Shade seems to be the first one, NOW GIVE US CARRIER >:D

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