I was so god damn hyped about Melee 2.0,

so one day after Melee 2.0 got online, UltimatePay decided to fuck up my life. I logged out with 5 Plat, and when i logged in 1 hour later they told me my account got banned until 1.1.2035 because of negative Platinum. I checked my profile and... -70 platinum! But why?? The support told me there was one purchase of 75 platinum with 20% off from january that got refunded. Yeah.... refunded, without any reason, after 3 whole months they finnally decided to bann my account and refund the purchase mentioned above. They didn't even send me a mail or something like that the past 3 months... they just banned me without saying ANYTHING. And now i have to repay the purchase mentioned above + 18€ to reactivate my account. So i tried other ways to get my Platinum back to positive. I paid 5€ with PayPal... after 3 days no message or platinum. I found out that even PayPal is working with UltimatePay, so where did my 5€ go??? Now i trid purchasing 75platinum with paysafecard... no platinum... DOES EVERYTHING WORK WITH ULTIMATEPAY??? AND WHERE DID THOSE 5€ GO???

Those are the only methods i could try... the other ones are getting declined after placing the order. 

So why is this happening they don't even tell me anything why it got refunded or something else.

The Warframe support always directly closes my threads after telling me to get in contact with UltimatePay <-<

I don't have the money to pay the 21€ fee. I don't know what to do. I spend over 600 hours on this game and i don't want to start from zero.

I don't even know what i am expecting from writing this, i'm just really pissed of right now >:(

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