So full of hopes i payed 100k Credits to built a Cosmic-Specter with my best Waframe + Weapons i have so far.

I hoped fore an AI which can support me at a Solo Pluto mission.

And what is the result? I payed for a walking useless idiot! I just wanted to test him on a Venus deff mission, just to see he is useless as a rock. I gave him my full modded Soma with 3 formas installed just to see that he don't even have mods installed in the end. First thing he did, was shooting 1 bullet and then reloading. He needed half of its soma magazine to kill a lvl 5 Corpus.

I don't know what DE expected, but if i should guess what happened i think nobody told DE that april fools day is over and now i want my 100k Credits back >:(

PS: And i hoped for a new glowing Syandana not another boring one like that -.-

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