Ok, was just making some fissure runs and then it dawned on me! Don't know if it's already confirmed or not, but when they let us keep the relics containing vaulted parts (Mag Prime + Weapons) does that mean that they will make new relics for every new prime stuff they add?

If that's the case, then we are going to have soooooo many different relics (provided you did not use all relics containing freshly vaulted parts) and we will end up having like 30 different relics for every aera... ascending trend.

But my biggest "problem" with that would be the fact that i can't instantly start farming new prime parts they just introduced because the first step will be to go and grind those frigging relics. That will cost so much more time, even further incresaed if you missed out on stocking up on void traces.

That's the way i see our current situation and just when they introduce nekros and galatine prime...


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