Hey there, this is Ethasa, and I'd like to share one of the tricks that I've learned from my long* career of playing this game. Today, I'll be sharing the Secret Of The RAIL!

Secret of the Rail

You may be wondering, what is the secret of the rail? Well, I'm here to tell you that those rail cars you see passing by in grineer mining ships actally serve a purpose, other than being nice aesthetically and making cool visuals.

How to get to the Secret Of The Rail!

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Step 1:This is the ramp, pretty obvious, isn't it?

1. Find this ramp.

It is near the end of the rail car train, by the end of the walkway.


Step 2, in all it's glory.

2. Get a running

start and slide jump of the top to get to a rail car. (Shift+Space+Ctrl, in that order)

This is where you should end up, if you land on a rail car


Step 3: The ring is made of stone.

3. Now that your on the rail car, jump off around the time you pass through the ring.

The ring in the picture, to be exact.

And your there, now you can sit back and reflect, like this.

Frost, majestically reflecting on his discovery.

What to do in the Secret Of The Rail!

Besides from being a cool place to see and hideout from enemies, there are a few storage containe

Some storage containers.

rs here. Sorry for the bad quality, was in a bit of a rush.

How to leave The Secret Of The Rail!

There are two main ways to leave the rooms.

1. The pipe method.

This is basically going to this group of pipes.

Where the pipes begin.

Jumping on top of them,

Top of Pipes.

and walking back to end, which leads to where you started.

2. The much cooler (and almost a secret of it's own) zipline method.

This zipline is the only zipline in the game so far to not have and beginning pad, which makes it hard to find.

Luckily, i found it for you, see the picture.

Where the zipline is.

And i assure you, it's just as cool as the others.

And that's about all you need to know about the Secret Of The Rail.

Please contribute!

I only have about 7 or 8 tips for the rest of these blog posts, so leaving any tips in the comments for me to explore and explain would be awesome! Also, any feedback would be appreciated aswell!

long*: Over 70 hours of *wasted* time.

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