• Etheryon

    Hello Tenno,

    would you like to have a new trailer? I think many of You would gladly see one. But we have grineer boss trailer - Vor intro, we had corpus trailer - Alad V, but... we didnt have anything with infested. Why? Are they too stupid? - they wont be anymore... Heres my idea:

    have to start with a concept of a new main boss for infestation. But a different one. Ppl think that infested are brainless, primitive and vicious species, that just want to shred you into pieces :P but what if someone 'brigther' turned into infested and became a smarter one? A leader type? Still hungry - to devour even Tenno, still agile, still deadly, but also able to use infested as own puppets thanks to his mental strength. Uncontrolled plague that appears to …

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  • Etheryon

    Hello again, Tenno!

    As I promised last time, Im coming with a hunter warframe concept. So let me introduce you Lyon - master of the hunt. This frame is more in Ash/Excalibur style, so based in traditional combat and tricky/strategic skills. I know that art isnt to difficult or pretty, but still wanted to match with whole warframe family :) 'Things' on his forearms are light bolt launchers, balls around his neck are Bola (read below), and on his back there are larger bolts (you will understand why from 4th skill). Heres the image:

    This time I didnt forget about base stats :D

    Health - 100

    Shield - 100

    Power - 100

    Armor - 50

    Sprint speed - 1.15

    Note: stats are balanced for frame that wont risk too much, but still can play aggressively. Lyon's role is…

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  • Etheryon

    Hi again Tenno, this time I want to introduce You Hexan (or Shav) - the Gas Tech (Maniac). Forgive me low quality of the sketch - im not good and was rly tired while drawing but wanned to finish. Heres the image:

    As its easy to notice, hes quite similar to Vauban's style. Hes also a 'caster' type but more swift than Vauban.

    Now, I want to present you his abilities:

    1. (2 variants):

    a) Compression bullet - Hexan fills his bullets with highly compressed gas, that grants bonus damage and allow bullets to pierce enemies. If the target is 'giant' the bullet explodes with additional damage.

    (25cost, 5/5/7/10sec lasts, 25/25/50/75% additional dmg)

    b) Neurogas - Hexan spreads in front of himself a cone of gas, that shortly paralyzes affected targets an…

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  • Etheryon

    Hi Tenno,
    I want to introduce you Hydra - the water warframe. Forgive me low quality sketch, but im not a good artist :P Just imagine her in dark aqua/grey/black colors set, with energy I actually painted.

    Hydra might be a Nova’s sister, but with base stats similar to Volt's. Now allow me explain her skills:

    Hydra throws a ball of water that rolls in a straight line, untill it collides with terrain or group of enemies. When the ball reaches its maximum range or collide, it explodes as a powerful geyser.

    (25cost, 50/50/100/200dmg for collision, 100/100/200/300dmg AoE from a geyser. Long range ability) Note: If the ball collides with a single unit, it will stun the target and pass further. //imagine a greater roller of water.

    Hydra launches a bea…

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