Hi Tenno,
I want to introduce you Hydra - the water warframe. Forgive me low quality sketch, but im not a good artist :P Just imagine her in dark aqua/grey/black colors set, with energy I actually painted.


Hydra might be a Nova’s sister, but with base stats similar to Volt's. Now allow me explain her skills:


Hydra throws a ball of water that rolls in a straight line, untill it collides with terrain or group of enemies. When the ball reaches its maximum range or collide, it explodes as a powerful geyser.

(25cost, 50/50/100/200dmg for collision, 100/100/200/300dmg AoE from a geyser. Long range ability) Note: If the ball collides with a single unit, it will stun the target and pass further. //imagine a greater roller of water.

Unstable pressure

Hydra launches a beam of water at a targeted enemy. Stream can randomly jump to nearby enemies, up to 8 times. Beam stuns the target shortly and can hit enemies more than once if there is someone else to bounce.

(25cost, 4/4/6/8 bounces, 40/40/60/80dmg per bounce)

Multihead/Liquid Touch

Hydra creates a pool with the water serpent, that attacks and taunts enemies in his range. Every water snake grants a damage reduction, than can be stacked. No enemy target required - medium range of spawning.

(50cost, Maximum of 2/3/4/5 water heads, 10/10/15/17,5% dmg reduction per an active serpent, 5/5/10/15sec last, 50/50/75/100 dmg per head slam)


Hydra condenses surrounding moisture to gather all the water around herself. Created maelstrom deals damage over time and steals vigor from affected enemies.

(75cost, 5/5/10/15sec last, 50/75/100/150dmg per second, 10/10/15/20shield points restored per affected enemy (once only). When used grants an Aura effect for allies: 25/25/50/75% stamina for the duration time.


Hydra drains surrounding enemies off water, then crush them with large wave.

(100cost, 1sec channel for draining - 100/100/150/200dmg initial in this time, then 50/50/75/100dmg per target affected by drain. Radial AoE, wave knocks down lesser enemies or shortly stuns greater.

Base stats

  • 100 hp
  • 100 power
  • 150 shield
  • 10 armor
  • 1.0 speed

Why everything like this? Hydra is a caster with more CC options, to give her some tactical and supporting style, so her dmg output isnt initially huge, but increasing with seconds. She has something to attack, something to protect herself, and something that can aid allies (i was thinking about aura that grants some additional power or power strength, but dunno if it would be even possible). Those 'falling water' particles are like frost's smoke - appearing once per few seconds.

Forgive me bad language. Ive hope you'll like Hydra!

Greetings to all ninja.

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