Hello Tenno,

would you like to have a new trailer? I think many of You would gladly see one. But we have grineer boss trailer - Vor intro, we had corpus trailer - Alad V, but... we didnt have anything with infested. Why? Are they too stupid? - they wont be anymore... Heres my idea:

have to start with a concept of a new main boss for infestation. But a different one. Ppl think that infested are brainless, primitive and vicious species, that just want to shred you into pieces :P but what if someone 'brigther' turned into infested and became a smarter one? A leader type? Still hungry - to devour even Tenno, still agile, still deadly, but also able to use infested as own puppets thanks to his mental strength. Uncontrolled plague that appears to be a planned and directly aimed force against other races. What a surprise for Tenno... 

So begins the trailer. It should show a war in the universe, so first scene is about corpus and grineer fighting against each other. Now its the time for tenno, to show some cool moves, frames and gear. So, for example, after some faction  shooting, lowered camera (aimed from eyes of knocked down grineer) is showing a moa preparing to stomp, but suddenly a shiny link is hitting him and bringing away - dying moa sound. Confused Grineer wanna get up, but loki is already here - his invisiblity just ended and hes performing spectacular execute on lying poor dude. After some scenes like this - showing rather diff frames than in other trailers, for example mentioned Valkyr, Loki, Vauban and Oberon, ther is a moment of surprise. Everything is shaking, light flickers like before stalker, the ship is under boarding. Everyone still alive (from grineer and corpus) and even tenno are confused, looking around and at themselves. So now camera shows hordes of infested, flooding the ship and spreading the plague everywhere, chopping corpus and grineer survivors one by one. Strange whispers are filling the room, but Tenno still doesnt care - theyre preparing for charging infested. Theyre surrounded. But when they stand and wait for a correct moment to strike, all infested stop like a dog on a command. None is attacking. And again whispers, plague and darkness is taking the room. This time Tenno are listening. Dread voices calls them, and shares not so optimistic news... That Raazros (or any other fitting boss name) is coming. And there we finish the 1st part of my trailer ;)

Sorry for my bad language, eng is my foreign language. Anyway, Ive hope you like it!

Greetings Tenno!

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