Hello again, Tenno!

As I promised last time, Im coming with a hunter warframe concept. So let me introduce you Lyon - master of the hunt. This frame is more in Ash/Excalibur style, so based in traditional combat and tricky/strategic skills. I know that art isnt to difficult or pretty, but still wanted to match with whole warframe family :) 'Things' on his forearms are light bolt launchers, balls around his neck are Bola (read below), and on his back there are larger bolts (you will understand why from 4th skill). Heres the image:

This time I didnt forget about base stats :D

Health - 100

Shield - 100

Power - 100

Armor - 50

Sprint speed - 1.15

Note: stats are balanced for frame that wont risk too much, but still can play aggressively. Lyon's role is to act like a hunter - predict moves and situations, prepare and strike. Thats why hes not to tough or mage, but quite nice mobile.


1. Claw - launches few deadly bolts able to pierce multiple enemies or focus a single target. (25cost, 3/3/4/5 bolts, 30/40/60/100 damage per bolt, 90 degrees between targets max)

Note: bolts acts like arrows - it flies further if the target is killed.

2. (3 options) a) Bola - Lyon throws a bola, connected by a razor-sharp link, that can fetter enemies or cut them in half (only unarmored targets). (25cost, small AoE, 25/25/50/100 damage BLADE type(affected by armor!), 1/1.5/2/3sec immobilize)

b) Backslash - Lyon jumps back few times, performing radial melee attacks. (25cost, 3/5/7/9 in game meters, deals base damage of used melee weapon)

c) Grapnel - Launches a bolt connected to resilient link, that pulls Lyon to targeted unit or terrain. (50cost, 20/20/25/30 meters range, 25/25/50/75 piercing damage)

3. (2 options) a) Snare - places an invisible trap, that can imprison chasing or escaping foes.

(Trap appears at Lyons feet - cant be thrown! Trap requires direct contact with at least 1 enemy to work, then creates an impenetrable cage. Enemies in cage can move inside or shoot but cannot leave. 50cost, 3metres wide, 10/10/12/15sec lasts)

b) Bait - Lyon creates a hologram on targeted enemy (only), changing his appearance to Tennos. Note: I was thinking about swapping appearance, so Lyon could look like targeted while enemy looks like Tenno. (50cost, 7/9/12/15sec lasts)

4. Headhunter - Lyon launches a large bolt stored on his back, that deals heavy damage on its path.

Note: Bolt acts like with unlimited puncture but cannot pass through larger terrain. There is a small shockwave following this bolt, so projectile doesnt hit like bullet, but with a bit larger impact area. Straight line flight, no falloff.

(100cost, pinpoint accurate but with 1 in-game meter wide wave, deals 1000/1000/1500/2000 armor ignoring damage)

Note about dmg: Ash bladestorm deals 2000dmg to his targets so its not a critical amount for 'Headhunter' skill because possibility of reaching too many targets is very low. Designed this skill for tactical and steady uses, when player is sure of his victims - not using blindly)

I think thats all :) Ive hope you like Lyon and his style.

Greetings Tenno!

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