Hi again Tenno, this time I want to introduce You Hexan (or Shav) - the Gas Tech (Maniac). Forgive me low quality of the sketch - im not good and was rly tired while drawing but wanned to finish. Heres the image:

As its easy to notice, hes quite similar to Vauban's style. Hes also a 'caster' type but more swift than Vauban.


Now, I want to present you his abilities:

1. (2 variants):

a) Compression bullet - Hexan fills his bullets with highly compressed gas, that grants bonus damage and allow bullets to pierce enemies. If the target is 'giant' the bullet explodes with additional damage.

(25cost, 5/5/7/10sec lasts, 25/25/50/75% additional dmg)

b) Neurogas - Hexan spreads in front of himself a cone of gas, that shortly paralyzes affected targets and damages them in time.

(25cost, 5/6/7/8sec lasts, 30/40/50/60 damage per second. Can affect few enemies, but paralyze only once. Gas is nearly fully transparent, to avoid problems with aiming.)

2. Gas trail - Hexan leaves behind a smoky gas trail that disorients nearby enemies. Gas can be also forced to explode (fire or gunfire required).

(50cost, 3/5/7/10 lasts, 35/40/45/50 damage per every second of used gas when exploding)

3. (2 options):

a) Backfire chamber- Hexan fills surrounding area with gas that invades enemy weapons. Weapons of affected enemies fire back/explode and hurt its owners.

(75cost, 5/5/10/15sec lasts, 50/75/100/125% additional damage to returned to enemies)

b) Hallucinogen - Hexan fills surrounding area with gas that causes hallucinations, making enemies flee in terror or fight each other.

(75cost, 5/5/10/15sec lasts)

4. Primal force - Hexan manipulates surrounding air, forcing its molecules to overwhelm all enemies in range. Channelled ability.

(100cost, 2/2/3/4sec lasts, 500dmg at all levels, large AoE)

Sorry for my poor english. Ive hope you like Hexan :) If yes, I have a next project completed.

Greetings Tenno!

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