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  • I live in this world.
  • I was born on June 9
  • My occupation is a socially awkward interpretive dancer
  • I am a stupid plebeian.
  • Exodus341

    Because I'm an idiotic plebeian, I'm going to start my first blog on my opinion of the difference between Objectivity and Subjectivity. Some of you may see where I'm going already. Within the Warframe wiki exists differing opinions, be it in the comment section or elsewhere. Some feel that the only way to play Warframe is to run around with TeamSpeak, permanent four corrosive projections, fully forma'd gear and thought out strategies (give or take a few, end result is hardcore).

    Others feel that they should be allowed to bring whatever they want, whenever they want, irregardless of whoever says otherwise. Those are two extremely simplified personification of two major parts of the Warframe community. Those two sides tend to clash a lot, and…

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