• Extibel

    Warframe "Missions"

    March 22, 2014 by Extibel

    At the beginning, we might not experience this feeling at all or if we do, it is rather something faded which can be ignored in order to have fun.

    However, after what is over an year of warframe gameplay, despite the content we had got so far, the game still feels ... boring.

    I don't blame anything here, but i couldn't stop to think that there was something missing and one thing for sure, it isn't really an "challange".Or at least, not entirely. 

    Blur it as you want, that it might be just me. However, you can't deny that despite the fact that we've got an variety of missions and other content, they all have one common fact about them:


    Be it for resources, money, mastery experience, achievements, kills or some random event points. It is a…

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  • Extibel

    Balance syndrome

    September 29, 2013 by Extibel

    While most of the time, i understand the need to balance certain items and warframes alike, there have been some changes that were also... unnessesary.

    It is clear to me, that some of the people that "claim" that a certain item or warframe is overpowered or/and underpowered are either ignorant of what really is characterized has "overpowered/underpowered" or are just mindless whinners.

    In any such occasion (in the whinners perpective), that they see someone else outdoing them in performance, that person must be overpowered.

    "Oh that person did more kills than me! Overpoweredz nub!" - Random tenno

    Sure! Not everyone is like that and i am specially happy that there are some nice vocal and reasonable players out there who actuality care to be constructiv…

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