While most of the time, i understand the need to balance certain items and warframes alike, there have been some changes that were also... unnessesary.

It is clear to me, that some of the people that "claim" that a certain item or warframe is overpowered or/and underpowered are either ignorant of what really is characterized has "overpowered/underpowered" or are just mindless whinners.

In any such occasion (in the whinners perpective), that they see someone else outdoing them in performance, that person must be overpowered.

"Oh that person did more kills than me! Overpoweredz nub!" - Random tenno

Sure! Not everyone is like that and i am specially happy that there are some nice vocal and reasonable players out there who actuality care to be constructive as possible, but this kind behavior is just unbarable to me.

This happens mostly because of two factors 

  • Missions themselves
    • The fun in which they deliver, usually are from kills. Not the actual objective itself. 
  • That Score board at the end of all missions
    • Which shows each player contribution : Kills, head shots, etc...

I am alright with the score board (the results) and i wish it can continue being there forever, even though i think, it deserves an update. More helpful into what you've done and include other aspects : like including our sentry kills or support in the mission. 

But what i really think has to change is: missions and their objectives. The way all missions work on warframe is BORING. And not for any reason, maybe not clear, but because they ALL have lame objectives, or at least the same "kind" of process of compleating them.

Long story short: 

Spawn → kill everything in your path → (optional collect)  do the objective leave.

The only challange in all of these missions, is really : the fights/ the KILLING.

After all, WHY ELSE would the community itself of warframe want to have an "rise" in the difficulty of the missions? WHY ELSE, would there be constant cries about "nerfing/buffing" this or that warframe/weapon ?

WHY ELSE would there even be an "nightmare mode" in which only rises how strong the enemy is? (actuality not only the enemy). 

Well, it just happens that most of the challange in warframe happens to solely weight on the fights against the enemies. There is absolutely NO fun, in doing the objectives. 

The objectives are nearly all the same (as in all sabotage missions, despite the faction, are the same), there is no challange in doing the objectives, therefore there is nothing to be remotally interested in doing the objectives.

What? You expect me to think, that to spy we just need to randomly press (and then hack) these "individual" randomly placed computers, which by the way aren't guarded or anything and then run with the "item" that drops from them?

What the fuck...

I don't even...

Couldn't it even involve some kind of "interrogating someone" or even a slight resistence when we try to get our information from? Or even just plainly going near a target, in stealth, in order to record information?!

So, at this point, my conclusion is: in order to actuality fix this "balance-everything-syndrome", we've got actuality to fix the real problem at end, the lack of fun in warframe. So, it really becomes a game about co-opperation and not "who kills the most" game.

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