At the beginning, we might not experience this feeling at all or if we do, it is rather something faded which can be ignored in order to have fun.

However, after what is over an year of warframe gameplay, despite the content we had got so far, the game still feels ... boring.

I don't blame anything here, but i couldn't stop to think that there was something missing and one thing for sure, it isn't really an "challange".Or at least, not entirely. 

Blur it as you want, that it might be just me. However, you can't deny that despite the fact that we've got an variety of missions and other content, they all have one common fact about them:


Be it for resources, money, mastery experience, achievements, kills or some random event points. It is all that there is to it, it is all that is worth getting and is our only and true reward.

I've made a blog post somewhat related to this and honestly i can't tell you if i am right or wrong here, but EVEN IF RNG was removed entirely from the game and monsters were autentic juggernauts, it would still feel..  like a farming simulator.

What i think is...

Doing missions is not entirely something we "need" to do, other than mindless progression towards the next boss. We can even skip a buntch of them for the hell for it and take the shortest path.

There is no inner plot to why are we doing these missions on this "planet" or ship. There is no unique events during those missions, just .. nothing.

Hell, you don't even need to introduce the lore of the game to us, just an plain :"we need to rescue these guys so that they can tell us where to find the boss!" ...

You know, like the lotus tells us about the boss and why we should murder him in cold blood. SOMETHING.

And this might be why i loved Darvo alerts, i always felt like i was actuality doing more than resorce farming.


  • Basically an mission dialog, before (or while) ingame, which tells us why we are doing this. Along with events/happenings that distinguish and make missions an unique pleasant experience.
"Having some initiative to play missions that isn't farming. "

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