So, the main point of Warframe is the combat. You have access to rifles, shotguns, pistols, sniper rifles, throwing knives, etc. There are plenty of ways to kill enemies, and they all act differently. Because of this, people have favourites, including me. Currently, my favourite weapon is the Dual Ether, mainly because I'm not a high level, and it allows me to slice up enemies easily. It's a beast to use. Crafting it is easy, using it is even easier and overall you can cause mayhem with it. I've maxed it out, which didn't take me long at all. Took me about a combined time of one hour and a few minutes, the quickest I've ever levelled a weapon. Despite all that, I haven't heard much praise directed to it. Sure, nobody compares it to the likes of the Pangolin Sword and the Machete but it still receives some hatred. For me, it's the ideal weapon. Because it's two swords, it doubles the damage of just one sword, and it's quick as lightning. Once I level up more, the Dual Ether will probably be overshadowed by more powerful weapons, but I will always love the Dual Ether for being my favourite weapon at one point.

So, what is your favourite weapon in Warframe? Feel free to leave a comment, they're all appreciated. All opinions are welcome.

EDIT: After playing for over a year now, I've decided that my favourite weapon now is either the Soma, Hek, Karak, Paris Prime or the Lex Prime.

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