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    - Added github link for simulation program
    - Programs updated a bit
    - Corrected NG method. Special thanks to for collaborating with me to find the correct method! Programs and Wiki updated accordingly.
    - Slight tweeks for new Acquisition formatting (yay tables!)

    Hello and welcome to my discussion and explanation behind the mysterious Warframe run numbers! It's come to my attention that there are some questions, and general disagreements, behind these numbers so I made this blog to hopefully satisfy all your mathematical concerns.

    I was actually supposed to do this a long time ago, but quite honestly I simply got busy and kept forgetting, even when reminded :P Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused, but I hope you can appr…

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    Welcome to Volt 101! In this guide we'll discuss what makes Volt (Prime) such a great Warframe. We'll take a look at his abilities, augments, synergies, builds, and overall viability.

    Now that we know a bit more about Volt's abilities we can look into his Augments.

    Let's talk about Volt's synergies between not only his own abilities but with the abilities of other Warframes and weapons as well.

    So what are synergies? Synergies are the ways in which different abilities interact with one another to create a new effect.

    Finally, the moment you probably skipped to: Builds

    The big question here is, how should you build your Volt/Prime? Though you may build him any way you wish, I would suggest building around Discharge. I say build around Discharge …

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    As you could read from the title, this blog post focuses on Volt's recent rework from and how the Warframe community has reacted towards it. I'm making this blog now because I wanted the rework to have time to settle in with the majority of Volt fans, while also giving DE time to make any last minute adjustments so any info here wasn't sorely out of date. First, let's compare and contrast 'post-rework' Volt and 'pre-rework' Volt.

    So how has this rework affected the player's ability to mod Volt? Well, Electric Shield's rework poses a bit of a problem - Efficiency. If Volt players ever hope to use the Current Shield then they'll need to get rid of that pesky Distance Per Energy thing by building for Efficiency. The Energy Drain Rate can easi…

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