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    I'm setting up a few polls so we can (hopefully) get a rough idea of the success rates of the different types of Extractor. I am constantly running across threads asking whether or not Distilling Extractors are worth it--maybe these polls will shed some light on the answer.

    Here's how it will work:

    1. Deploy one of your extractors, ensuring that it starts with 100% health.
    2. Collect the extractor when it finishes, and take note of what type it is, what resources it recovered, and how much (if any) damage it took.
    3. Using that information, vote in the polls that correspond to your extractor type. You will only be able to vote once per type.

    There will be two questions for each type: "What was the rarity of the Resources it returned?" (refer to table a…

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    New Void Key Drop Table

    December 28, 2014 by Fadeinlight

    Update: Thanks to information provided by User:Deathmax, the tables will be filled within a few days :) Thank you to all who have provided data thus far!
    edit: strike that, reverting back to the old method. Ty anyway Deathmax :)

    I've been working on a Void Key drop table recently, and I've just decided to post it.  You can view it by following this link.

    The process of finding Void Keys can be onerous, particularly when you're not sure where they can be obtained.  This is particularly the case with keys for Towers I-III.  Although there are certain rules by which Void Key drops are governed, I've found that those rules tend to get bent at times (for instance, Augustus dropping all T4 keys as opposed to just Exterminate, Capture, etc.).  Fu…

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    Mag the Unstoppable

    December 13, 2014 by Fadeinlight

    (inb4 "imba")

    During one of the recent Devstreams, DESteve mentioned that the Perrin Sequence was the most unpopular Syndicate up to that point (I think it was a week or so after the Syndicates were released).  He kind of mentioned on the sly that they "might just have to do something about that" (to paraphrase).  With Mag's new mod Shield Transference, DE (and The Perrin Sequence) have delivered. In spades.

    For those of you unaqcuainted with Mag, she happens to have one of the most powerful abilities in the game: Shield Polarize.  The only thing it's useful for against Grineer and Infested is restoring teammates' (and excavator/defense pod) shields...but use it against the Corpus, or the Corrupted Corpus in the Void, and oooooh boy!  It is d…

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    I've played every warframe except for Hydroid now and I've gotten a decent idea of which warframe abilities are useful, and which ones are kind of "niche."  This is all fine and good--DE is constantly tweaking things, and it's all part of the process of making things better.  However, it is particularly egregious when a warframe's 4th ability, their "Ultimate" skill, is a big disappointment.  So I've decided to make a poll to see what other players are thinking: what are the best Ultimate abilities, which ones are in most need of a rework? What qualities make the best Ultimates really great? What qualities does a bad Ultimate lack?

    Unfortunately, there are no "ranking" polls available on the wikia network, to my knowledge, nor am I able to …

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    In the latest Devstream, DE showcased some concept art for the latest warframe, who apparently "has a thing for pistols."

    They also showed some animation sequences later in the stream that featured a new gunblade-type weapon, and made it pretty plain that the two being released at the same time wasn't exactly coincidental.

    Personally, I like the concept and look of her so far.  There are any number of skills I can imagine her having, but I'm curious as to whether or not they're going to be tied somehow to her weaponry (as Valkyr's Hysteria is), and what value she will bring to a team.

    At first, I found myself rolling my eyes at this thought:  "Warframe 'X':  Mistress of Ammunition."  I rolled my eyes at the though of DE making a warframe that…

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