Update: Thanks to information provided by User:Deathmax, the tables will be filled within a few days :) Thank you to all who have provided data thus far!
edit: strike that, reverting back to the old method. Ty anyway Deathmax :)

I've been working on a Void Key drop table recently, and I've just decided to post it.  You can view it by following this link.

The process of finding Void Keys can be onerous, particularly when you're not sure where they can be obtained.  This is particularly the case with keys for Towers I-III.  Although there are certain rules by which Void Key drops are governed, I've found that those rules tend to get bent at times (for instance, Augustus dropping all T4 keys as opposed to just Exterminate, Capture, etc.).  Furthermore, it isn't always convenient to go check what level mobs spawn on a particular I've decided to put the information in a more digestible format.

Obviously, the table needs a lot of work...but I've decided to post it anyway, as I will be occupied for the next few days and wanted to get it up.  The tables need formatting, I haven't managed to set the sorting rules on the "by key" tables...but most importantly, it needs data--and here's where any of you can help:  as you go about your daily runs, alt-tab over to the wiki and mark the keys that you find on particular nodes.  The only thing I ask is that you keep the rows in the source code relatively even, so that others will be able to edit easily.  There are a number of hidden messages in the code to help you navigate.  Oh, and if you decide to delete a node or mission, please remove it by putting it into comment brackets instead (in case it is re-entered some day).

Any additional information should be put into the "notes" section--such as which keys have a greater chance to drop on a particular node, which wave or rotation they drop on, etc.  In the future, we might consider adding extra rows to convey that information.

Because these tables aren't using database information, the keys you enter in the "by mission" section will also have to be entered into the "by key" section separately.  I haven't even kept up on this.

As DE changes the rules for Void Key drops in the future, the existing information should probably be wiped to avoid misleading players with old information.

I hope this is useful to the readers of the wiki...and I hope I didn't screw anything up.  It's my largest project to date, and there are sure to be mistakes made.  Admins, please feel free to make any adjustments you feel are needed...and users, if you see an opportunity for improvement (besides deletion), please take it.

**Added note:  if any of you feel uncomfortable updating the tables, please feel free to leave a comment on that page, on my wall, or in the comments of this blog and I'll do it myself when I get a chance.  Thanks again, and have a Happy New Year!

edit: removed link to the prototype on my account, to reduce confusion.

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