In the latest Devstream, DE showcased some concept art for the latest warframe, who apparently "has a thing for pistols."


Pistol Warframe

Warframe Devstream - Episode 41 World Record Attempt01:49:52

Warframe Devstream - Episode 41 World Record Attempt

Devstream 41

They also showed some animation sequences later in the stream that featured a new gunblade-type weapon, and made it pretty plain that the two being released at the same time wasn't exactly coincidental.

Personally, I like the concept and look of her so far.  There are any number of skills I can imagine her having, but I'm curious as to whether or not they're going to be tied somehow to her weaponry (as Valkyr's Hysteria is), and what value she will bring to a team.

At first, I found myself rolling my eyes at this thought:  "Warframe 'X':  Mistress of Ammunition."  I rolled my eyes at the though of DE making a warframe that did something as inane as replenish ammo...and then I started thinking about it:  what kind of impact would that have? 

There have been a slew of new mods that increase firing rate, some of which increase damage drastically.  While many of those sound good in theory, oftentimes weapons are bottlenecked by their ammo consumption--particularly early in the game and deep into the endless missions.  How many weapons might get a second look if they weren't so ammo inefficient or didn't have such long reload times?

I'm hoping that, rather than simply have her "buff team pistol damage," that she add other effects instead...maybe reduce ammo consumption, maybe increase blast radius or range, perhaps even cut reload times down a bit.  Having abilities like these would probably cause a sort of outcry amongst the community at first...but I don't think it would be long before she became a welcome addition to many teams, and players started altering their loadouts specifically for teaming up with her.

You might argue that ammo can be managed with mods or plates, but energy can as well, and Trinity is often recruited solely for her "Energy Vampire" skill.

Beyond this seemingly bland wish, I'm looking forward to seeing some of her abilities in action.  Maybe her Ultimate will stun enemies, blindfold them, put apples on their heads and shoot them in the face.  Who knows?

Thoughts?  Hopes?  Additional info?

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