• Falafadafa

    I was playing the "Lex" spy mission on pluto and I decide ill try and stealth it all the way. Useing a level 14 paris with a level 3 peircing and level 3 serration mod (armor penetration and increased damage (yes arrows already have full armor penetration but pericing hit adds even more damage to armored areas) I am able to one shot almost every grineer.

    So I start out doing well, killed two grineer right off the start because they were in the spawn room. having to carry the intel is a pain in this case since to use my bow i have to drop it then switch weapons. About halfway through I get noticed by a sniper. She gets off a shot and shots "DEATH TO THE LOTUS" then starts running for a controle panel to trigger the alarm. I just barely got my …

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