I was playing the "Lex" spy mission on pluto and I decide ill try and stealth it all the way. Useing a level 14 paris with a level 3 peircing and level 3 serration mod (armor penetration and increased damage (yes arrows already have full armor penetration but pericing hit adds even more damage to armored areas) I am able to one shot almost every grineer.

So I start out doing well, killed two grineer right off the start because they were in the spawn room. having to carry the intel is a pain in this case since to use my bow i have to drop it then switch weapons. About halfway through I get noticed by a sniper. She gets off a shot and shots "DEATH TO THE LOTUS" then starts running for a controle panel to trigger the alarm. I just barely got my bow out in time to stop her and pinned her to the wall. Thankfully she was the only grineer left alive on that level and it was in an elevator room. 

Fast forwarding a bit to the end of the mission, I have all four data mass objects and enter the second to last room. This room connected to a dead end container room, the tunnel I was in, and the extraction room. Heres where it gets difficult. In this room there are three grineer heavy gunners. Now the problem with these is that even with fully charged arrows it takes upwards of 4-5 to down them, and stealth melee attacks wont even get through their sheilds, so my only option is to sneak around all three. I slowly moved into the room, remebering my old days playing splinter cell: chaos theory and made my way around the outside of the room.

  I caught a break when one of the gunners walked out into the hall I had come from and the other was starting into the dead end room while the third was not looking in my direction. so I quickly sprinted through the door triumphently rushing right towards the extraction pods. As I reached them, there was no summary screen showing how awsomely I just did. No lotus radioing in to tell me good job. All that came up was a single, heart dropping message, "Waiting for players.."

  I had forgotten to start the game on solo mode. I turned around and there was a freshly spawned excaliber at the top of the stairs. Normaly this wouldnt be a problem, we were at the end after all. The was no ordinary excaliber however, This one was complete with a Lato, Scana, and Burston. Instead of walking down the steps to our merry victory and banshee BP, he turned and started to open lockers I had ignored. Then he turned towards the door with the three gunners, and started shooting. The next sound I heard was the PA deniing my victory with "Unauthorised life forms detected"

Times like this I wish friendly fire was on.

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