• Fegazeus

    I know a lot of people must think Zaws are too complicated. I know I did.

    Short answer : in fine they're not. (Say hello to my two little friends : Dunning and Kruger)

    Well, let's meet them halfway and say they made it so that words and numbers are not enough to explain how Zaws work.

    So rejoice, here are some cheat sheets that you can bookmark, print or copy at your leisure :

    Because spreadsheets with colors and symbols are so much better than monolithicc textual explanations. Yay!

    And here's an extended table for the complete list of links (note that Ekwana and Vargeet links do not exist solo) :

    Now that you have these, just follow the steps to create your favorite Zaws.

    e.g. if you want the heaviest impact two handed possible :

    Kronsh - Kroostr…

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  • Fegazeus

    If you want the tl;dr version, scroll down at the bottom for the full spreadsheet summary screenshot ;)

    All you need to make a guess, just like I do, is at the bottom of that page here on the wiki => Warframes

    Also all my sources come from this wiki and announcements made on the official website and the official forum.

    Not a single information on this page is sourced by datamining. Please do not consider these as "official release dates".

    The rules are simple :

    0. "Any frame is eligible to be primed" Every warframe should have its prime version at some point in the future. Unless they have a sudden change of plan or something else entirely, we cannot know what they prepare for the future of Warframe. Or maybe watching Steve's twitch stream every S…

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  • Fegazeus

    This issue has now been resolved, thanks Finner for the fix ;)

    When people want to check where they can farm specific primes, they can't do it via that specific prime page anymore. These "locations" are kind of obsolete, misinform new players and lengthen the time it takes to get precise information. Kind of the opposite of a wiki's role.

    Let's take the Braton Prime for instance (image on the right)

    As you can see there's plenty of relics to farm this from, but unfortunately most of these relics are actually Vaulted.

    It would be really usefull if we had a little something to know which relics are vaulted and which aren't, like a little asterisk+line at the bottom or the word "(vaulted)" next to each vaulted relic.

    Now the issue is I don't know …

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  • Fegazeus

    This formula is for U17.5 and onwards and is still up to date as of U23.1

    As some of you might have noticed, Duration mods now affect the efficiency of draining powers. The actual effect of those mods is that they increase or decrease the length of "one second of drain".

    Here's a little chart of the total drain you could expect from varying combination of duration and efficiency mods :

    The values I chose for abcissa and ordinate are not random, they are amounts of duration and efficiency you will get when equipping various maxed mods together. I did not however include arcane helmets.

    As you might have noticed, I included 190% efficiency in the chart, and that's because the efficiency cap is not exactly 175% but rather that the total combined …

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  • Fegazeus

    Here's a bit of story about my Warframe play experience.

    Just by watching at my Chaos Space Mar... RhinoKhorne , anyone can tell that I'm playing on Stea... that I've spent too much money on this -marvelous- free to pay game (yes, it's a pun).

    Though 200+ EUR seems a lot for a lot of you, I would have spent the same amount of money if I had been playing any subscription based MMO for the same amount of time (a year and a half), except Warframe is TOTALLY WORTH IT! :D

    And for all of you wondering where I've spent all my plats, well it went 95% for cosmetics, slots and reactors/catalysts/forma. No weapon, no warframe, no resource, no prime part was ever bought by plat on my behalf. Except for the 5% you may ask which was actually the Elytron Pa…

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